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Taking A Break From Therapy For Now!



Still trying to find the cause of dizziness, slow heart beat and loss of blood in my body! Once that is found and under control I will resume my therapy! I never knew so many things could go astray in my case but it certainly has and therapy want to be sure I'm OK for taking therapy with them!


The older I get the harder it is to take therapy but I'm not giving up it's helping me so much now! My slow heart beat is the biggest problem along

with losing blood! I 'm going in to see if I'm bleeding around the area of the bullet they never took out of me! My walking is not that great for now.


I will just have to see what the doctors have to say or what they find out after their examinations! Well who knows for sure? I don't!


Pretty soon we got to get the little dog to New Orleans for mating now that she is in heat unless it passes soon and the 14 days are up this time again! I'm sure we will have to bring her back with us after mating is done and she have the puppies here! She is registered AKC and the puppies will sell for more money since the male dog is also registered!


More next time my computer is not acting right!


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Hi Fred, yes getting old, your body seems to start felling apart! But you doing good Fred! Keep it up.


So you soon get new family members, congrats! My husband not keen on pets, me I like a cat, but he is not a fan of cats. Dont know why, maybe something happen when he was growing up.


Be good Fred dont get into any trouble.



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I hope your doctor will help you with your new health issues. It's good to take a break while you find out what the problem is.


Prayers going your way for feeling better.



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it must be a very anxious time for you fred, I know it would be for me! and to think that you got a bullet in your body while I had my 2s deferment. I am proud of you fred and what you did for me and our country.



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