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Still Seeing My PCP



I have not blogged since the 5th and now I'm off high blood pressure meds but the doctor said my blood tests was

showing a blood bleed somewhere in my body. We sure hope it's not in my head as that's where the stroke was. I

did check my stool no blood there, no blood in the urine! The doctor and I are thinking it could be the bullet

has moved a bit causing a bleed!


He is making an appointment for me to see a specialist to determine the cause of the bleed around the first of

December. So by then we will know more than we do at this point. I'll remain a survivor! Thanks to each of you

wishing me well health!


My PT has been put on hold until a decision can be reached on my condition and reasons for the light headiness.

Now if I can just get my knees to stop paining me so hard all the time I could walk a bit better I think! With

all of this going on with my body it's hard to think straight at times and my memory is low level for sure.


Our little dog seem to be going into heat so that calls for a trip to New Orleans for her breeding since she is

nearly two years old. I hope we don't have to leave her there for the mating then we can get ready to care for

new born puppies then carry them back to New Orleans for my nephew to sell as was our agreement from the start!


So I suppose I'll be pretty busy for a week or two on the road there and back a couple of times but that's life

in the fast lane! My little grand daughter will be pretty happy about the little puppies for sure! She will want

her little mama back soonest!




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Fred, take it easy. You have a busy schedule so rest up when you can. I can understand your grand daughter will be sad if her beloved puppy has to be left behind so get ready to mop up her tears.


Just blog when you can - no pressure mate!

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My doctor said take a cotton swab and examine the poop I caught on a napkin in the commode before it was in the water portion of the bowl. There was no blood or red color anywhere or seen on the cotton swab to me! His prior check was from blood samples he took from me in his office. I may still have to visit the VA if need be later!


The bullet in me came from my third wife after I had moved out and in my own apartment. I was getting ready for work as airport mgr. for Yellow Cab company in Houston in 1983 when she pulled the trigger and fled the scene but was caught a

few hours later in Galveston Texas by the state troopers!


The bullet I had in Vietnam was removed before I boarded my flight back to San Francisco Letterman General hospital. I

did not want to be at Walter Reed hospital in Washington, DC. I guess you could say I'm a triple survivor???

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fred wow.. my favorite country singer trace adkins was shot through his heart -- a long time ago... when i hear him sing i think wow-- still alive through all that ... just like you .....

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Fred, you are a survivor! shot twice! and a stroke survivor? you are a bad man! So the family is growing?

Take care Fred, enjoy your trip, please be careful, take your time. Keep in touch when you can.


God bless to you and your family



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