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A Stroke And The Recovery Process Then Moving On With My Life!



Well I been on this site now for a long time hoping I have learned a few things about strokes and the recovery process from so many members who came here just as I did not knowing what to expect next. I want to believe I may have helped a few of them in talking about the stroke and the recovery process that many of them knew nothing about.


When you are into your first therapies the therapist just don't give you much information about the recovery process. Seems like when you asked them a question their answer was it depends and nothing for sure if you would even get better than what you are now.


You sure couldn't base your life on what they had to say about if you would survive at all and how life would be for you in months ahead! Well they are still the same way in their manner of talking with you about strokes and recoveries.


I'm in therapy now and I may as well not ask any of them how they feel my outcome will be in a few months. Therapy does help you maintain the body functions to a degree and recovery continues probably for a life time. How much better we will be any given year in the future just depends. Therefore I have decided to survive as long as possible being able to do all I can with the body I got left


We all must realize a part of the brain has suffered an attack causing a side of the body to become paralyzed and almost non usable. With that we must be thankful that it's not as worse as it could be in many cases. On the other hand if we got by with no paralysis we can be very thankful. Then comes the speech problems that strokes carry too and again if we escaped having any problem we can be thankful again.


My main goal at this point in my life after the stroke is being thankful I had the wife that stayed right by my side from day one and has been for the whole time. A stroke survivor or not we all will depart this life one day as our names are called from the rolls therefore I have decided to live all I can with what I have left for all of that time and not complain any more.


There is always someone someplace that could be in a different shape of mind and suffering with a different kind of situation in their lives. I say that because I came back from Vietnam on a flight lying on my back while others didn't come back and still others didn't get up any more from their backs. That was such an unpopular war on foreign soil that makes me feel like I have been to hell and back!


Strokes will continue to happen and people will continue to be affected in many ways for many years to come. One day we may know more about strokes and the causes to perhaps prevent many of them especially for the younger generations! That's my prayer!


I probably will not post or Blog much in the coming months as I have said to myself when I reach ten years in recovery I think I will have said all I know to say in helping others who survived a stroke. I'm certainly no authority just a survivor myself surviving on what I was told to do to get better in life.


I'm now at that point in life I can be very thankful for everything I have accomplished and lived to tell about it. My life hasn't all been bad just some stormy times but by and large I made it though that phase hoping from hence forth I can live a comfortable life on a very low key.


I will always trust in the Lord for guidance and be thankful in every sense of the word. That being said maybe one day I will try going back to get my masters degree and once again trying to help people in other areas of life who need the guidance!


I will stick my head in once in a while to read a blog or two!!


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Sorry Fred, no breaking away now, we need you to comment and blog. Ten years isn't a goal, it is a decade of recovery and a decade of helping others in a different way to what you could when you were able bodied. We look forward to your blogs, I know I do, and if you leave this community we will be the poorer for it. So stay, maintain an interest and let us know how you are feeling from time to time.


I think it is great to have the intention of not complaining but when you need to vent you need to vent!

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YEP -- FRED --- you are needed here... !!! I know you are busy , but your input is and always will be important... like Sue - you are a leader .. i am not trying to bog you with responsibility .. if you can't, you can't, but do not think for one moment you are not needed here !!!! so please stay with us as much as you can work us into your schedule .. you are needed and loved -- nancyl

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you can't stop fred! I have been here only 3 months and have seen your continuing impact on my attitude and recovery and those of others. of course you can but I hope you don't!




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Fred you may be 10 years down the road, but other people are just starting and haven't heard anything from you yet! I do understand, sometimes I am the same, I just want to live whatever our lives are and be 'normal' - whatever that is. Other times, I come to read. I have had bad luck in posting lately, with typing and suddenly my computer blinks and I'm thrown back onto the main blog page. Other times, seems I just am too tired to type.

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Hello Fred, my heart missed a beat when you said that" you will stop blogging so much". I understand that you have been blogging for 10 years, and if you haded quit, I would not have hear your wisdom, words, and been lifed up! Like Sandy said, the new members , need your words.

You and Sue, are needed, and the way I look at it, you both are here because God put you here.



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Hi Fred! I haven't posted much in the past year but you were one of the first people to write something on my first post. I was so scared and so unsure of the future and you helped me feel welcome when I felt there was no where to go. My Mom is one year post stroke...and what a year it has been. I have read every new post & blog and all of you have helped me through this year. Please don't stop posting, Fred. You are so positive and helpful and you helped me feel welcome!

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Thanks to each of you for the encouraging comments! I'll be around just not much until I can walk better and hurt less!


I enjoy all of you and I have learned so much from all your experiences in this field of recovery!

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Fred :


you are valued member of our blog world & we love to have your wisdom around. I remember I felt so lost as newbie when I joined this site & without mentors like you, Sue,Jean I would not have been able to cross that darkest tunnel of my life. Ihope as your health permits you still guide those newbies who might be joining our site.



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Fred, I agree with the others, you need to keep posting. You do what you can, however, and also take care of yourself. Like Sue, Lenny and other long timers here, we need your advice, support and experience.



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Well I saw the doctor and again I had that slow heart beat under 50 which is slow. He said no more HBP meds until he calls me back. My pressure is definitely not high at this time but it was when the stroke happened to me 10 years ago.


Now my arthritis doctor said no more injections in my knees just get fluids out but nothing going in for pains. Boy they are really hurting me so I got pain spray and Icy Hot to rub them down. That helps some!


Wish me well enough to post and make comments when I'm not hurting too badly!

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You are so needed here on this site. I read your posts

and always get a better idea of what it's like for my husband Don. You have made a big difference in my life and I wish that I would have told you this sooner.

Please blog when you can you are such a value to this site.

Prayers going up for better health reports from you and that your pain is manageable

Take care


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Like Sandy said, the new members , need your words.You and Sue, are needed, and the way I look at it, you both are here because God put you here. Yvonne

I agree Yvonne!


Fred, hopefully you won't be hurting too much and we can read your posts weekly because you are needed here :hug:


Sue, you are a valuable member of this community as well; thank you so much for all you do :thankyou:

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