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And now today we set the clocks back an hour except for the states and regions of the world that doesn't have daylight saving time zones like Arizona for instance! It was always fun to leave Arizona and getting to the Hover Dam going into Las Vegas and see the time zone has changed!


Have any of you been on that winding mountain road and crossed the Hover Dam?? I tell you if there is ever a bus tour and the bus driver is speeding they certainly will not make it out alive because it's a long way down the mountain side! We hear of and see all the time about these bus tours to casinos crashing!


I feel so much better lately and I do hope I'm on the road again to more recovery. I think when there is an acute problem area of the body it affects you all over. I really don't want a knee replacement until it is absolutely necessary for me to walk. There are just too many recall ads on TV by attorneys wanting to help you get money if your knee did not work for you! I want to avoid that if I can!


Then at my age now I haven't been promised to be here that long like many of those were in the bible we read about. And the new knees are not free nor known to be the true fix for every person's knee problem. That could be why so many of them doesn't work for some people! So I'll just keep what I came in the world with good or bad!


I'm hoping November will be better than October was for my problems and by Thanksgiving Day I can really celebrate life as a survivor! Also by month's end my Therapy should be finished. Then I can look forward to the months of December and January ahead! January will mark 10 years of me being a stroke survivor and still making some progress towards a recovery.


Sports fans everywhere will have plenty of games to watch on TV with the colleges, and pros playing football and basketball plus the skiers getting ready for their season to start. Makes me wonder if Tiger Woods will be there to watch Lindsey Vonn on the slopes like she did him on the golf courses.


I'm staying home from church today but plan on going next Sunday and feeling so much better. It's hard to sit there knowing when service is over I got to wait until somebody can help me get to my feet with my knees so bad. They see me trying to stand up but I just can't make it up on my own! God knows my condition!!


I hope all of you be safe in your outings as we go into the winter months and be careful on the highways driving about with all the construction being done on the roadways in every state it seems like! Some drivers seem to go the wrong way on these highways and have a head on collision with another car. We had two here on our highways killing three people and a infant instantly! The driver going the wrong way was drunk!


Why any person feel they can operate a vehicle drunk is beyond my thinking when that same person can hardly drive sober in many cases. When I'm behind any vehicle at the red light I look around to see who is on their cell phones. When the light turns green I have to blow my horn to get their attention that the red light has turned to green for us to go!


I'm a retired Defensive Driving Instructor and AARP has been trying to get me to give classes for seniors here in this military city which I refuse to do. Too many of them are driving their cars right through the store front doors and big glass windows by hitting the gas after the car is in drive instead of reverse to back up.


First thing they would say is my instructor told me what to do but I didn't do what he said! Their minds are trying to process too many things their body isn't quite ready to do and they can not drive on an icy roadway here without causing an accident or skidding into a ditch! When it rains and the water is high they try to drive through it instead of turning around. Signs are posted "When Water Is High Turn Around Don't Drown" but they try to drive thru it and their car is sweep off the roadway into the creek where they drown before being rescued!


Well back to bed I'll go, the little dog is right behind my chair and everyone has left for church! We'll be good until about one pm when they all get back home hungry and ready to eat dinner! My wife said she has to go back at 3pm to sing in the choir at another church they are visiting. I hope to be ready by next Sunday for church. I hate to miss but my knees are really hurting me now!! See Ya!!


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I do not mind the fall but winter is really long and boring. We are planning a sunshine trip in January. Hopefully that will brighten me up a little : ) My MIL just had a hip replacement she could barley get around so in her case it is a good choice. She was in allot of pain. My dad needs a knee replacement. He refuses too get one. Maybe he will change his mind. The defensive driving for senior citizens sounds interesting. I guess any age. Just wear a helmet!


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Hi Fred, you sound "better". The fall in Florida, is,'s it gets a little cooler. It was hot on Friday, and I miss London, fall is something to behold.

My Aunt haded two knee replacements, she is in more pain now!

I have thought of the defensive driving classes for seniors, my problem is the meds I take are not good for driving, so I need to get off these meds. The driving I see on the road, we need to tighten up in Florida! they are lots of accidents with the driver passing out! not good.

I went to church today, you, Carol and the caregivers were in my prayers. I walk to church and back, singing all the way!


keep feeling better Fred, God bless



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I have been on that Hoover Dam Road many times. My husband and I have some properties and land in Prescott AZ. We will probably spend Thanksgiving there or gold prospecting near Yuma. I sure will miss decorating for Christmas as soon as the Turkey Day dishes are done!

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I've traveled that mt. road a lot too and it can be fun if there is no car crash stopping traffic. I used to love the holidays; not I don't like them at all, especially with Jerry gone. After my stroke I slowed down decorating but I got well enough to do some; now none is my motto. Tucson nights have gotten very chilly but the days are great still. Fred, I hope your recovery is on the up-swing; I wish mine was but I am now researching something new. All my lab tests have dome back negative, which is good but I wish they would find something other than depression. Leah

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Guest hostwill



Glad to hear you are doing better, Knee replacements are so common now-a-days, my BIL got his replaced and says, he wished he'd have done it long time ago. it's a decision you have to make. Jesus knows. All the best to you, my friend.


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