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Land Of A 1000 Dances With OT, PT, And the VA visit!



How do I do it?? I suppose I'll never know what I got myself into this time around with my Therapies and being removed from in home health care from the VA! It could be much worse and I felt like I was in a downhill mode.


Yesterday I spent four hours at the VA 25 miles away from where I live and my wife had to be there with me they instructed. That cost her a half day of annual leave and I had to reschedule my therapies from mornings to late evening.


The doctor and clinic I was told to see was not operational but we were instructed to sign in anyway and we would be seen but they didn't know by whom? There are no less than 200 vets at this facility every day of the week attending various clinics and facilities for their treatments as scheduled. About half of them, me included, are handicapped in some way and use a cane, wheelchair, a walker or a scooter.


Nearly everyone of us got braces someplace on our body, paralyzed or missing limbs. Some have people with them like I had and some don't as many of them are not married and no children at home to help them get around. The life styles of many veterans would bring tears to your eyes to see them as they are now.


Therefore the title of this blog became Land of a 1000 Dances trying to keep up with all I had going on and still make it to my Therapies on time or be charged for missing an appointment! When my short term memory kicks in I can't tell you where I am at the moment much less where else I need to go. The little brain I got left is running on empty by now! I can't remember S**t so then my wife becomes frustrated with me. Well what else can I do?


Now today I am so darn tired from the PT/OT and going I did yesterday I couldn't sleep last night and my little wife never stopped complaining and blaming me for a bad day in her life! How can I continue to dance like this?? I'm so sore all over pain pills are not doing me ANY good, I still hurt everywhere and my knees are not working just aching!


I suppose I'm Venting and it hurts to just breathe now! My wife is trying very hard to get me back on home care by the VA and have a Home care facility send out a person to help me get things done at home paid by the VA!




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Fred, Ray and I are going through big changes now too, with his home aides and therapies. There are just so many changes in the healthcare world at this point.


I feel bad that you are also in so much pain, and hope they figure it out and get it fixed up real soon. Just a little bump in the road hopefully. When things are coming along well, it's so much harder to change gears, isn't it?

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Fred, I send prayers and hugs to you and your wife. Hopefully you get back home care, that make home peacefully. Health care right now is a mess, but it will get better. My mum told me that when they brought national health care in England it took time, but soon the nips were worked out.

So sorry that you are still in pain, that not good. Just going to keep on praying and thinking postive.

I agree that the country done a poor job with the vets, in Florida, Kissimmee, where I live, nowhere for them to go, and the clinic that is been build, will be two years late! What is going to happen with the vets that are coming back from this war?

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Thanks to each one of you! When my therapies are finished and I feel much better physically I will decide what I want to do next. Meanwhile my wife is trying real hard to get me back on In Home Care from the VA.


If that doesn't come through for me I'll just make the trips to the VA for any appointments I must make! Glad I can drive myself!!!!

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You know I started taking arthritis ALEVE, 2 pills all day relief, and I'm giving the Gabapentin and Tramadol a rest for a week or two. I do think there is a big difference in the pain relief capabilities and longer lasting relief too!


I hope you and Ray can find what works best in his case!

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