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AZ Leah


Time to get back on the horse I fell off. I ended up going into HealthSouth rehab to jump back into physical therapy. I cannot say it helped too much except to point out to me how far I had fallen off the horse. They used e-stim on my left leg but I think you need a lot of zaps for it to do much good. Because I went in on a Friday and they don’t do much over the weekend, I only had 7 days of therapy and some was occupational and speech which I felt I didn’t need. My gait isn’t much different; I came home last Wednesday. Most of the PT was done on raised mats which I do not have at home and I can’t lie on the floor because I can’t get up. Yesterday I tried a group of exercises on a pretty firm mattress in my guest room and today my back really hurts which is probably why. My first outpatient appt is next Tuesday, so I will see what they have to say. I am not taking many pain meds on purpose so my mind is clearer.


I feel one thing that started my downward spiral is Oct was the 2nd anniversary of Jerry’s death and I really fell into depression; I think the first year was all shock and acceptance. I tried in-home PT from Bayada but felt it didn’t work at the time. In retrospect it was probably better than I realized. Today I went back to the Bayada exercises because I can do them standing or sitting. I know I cannot stop; I didn’t even know how to write this blog. So, it’s time to “come clean”; I am not good at exercise and it sure shows. The first 3 years were great and with so much progress I got spoiled. Then 3 falls later I fell off the horse.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving; I am not allowing myself to beat myself up but will continue to take it a day at a time. I think of you all a lot even though I’ve been absent from the boards. Fondly, Leah 


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Glad to hear there is improvement, in your body and in your mind. I never understood why Ray fought therapy until I hurt my hand this June and had to go myself. I barely did any followup at home, except ice and heat. The exercises were so tedious. If I didn't go through it myself, I wouldn't understand. Hope your Thanksgiving is a pleasant one.

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Hi Leah....yeah, you have to keep up the exercises and keep moving. Healthsouth is good but, not a cure all. My face feels like I had Botox because of lack of talking (no one to talk to). I had the therapists caring for me write out a home program but, like you - there are limitations at home. It's easy to put off exercises when you are doing well...don't. Have a great Thanksgiving and get moving. :)

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Leah :


happy thanksgiving to you. hope & pray you get back on that horse again & keep on riding. I understand sometimes life is not easy, but we have ti make best out of each day given to us.



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Leah I hope you understood my PM. Your blog setting for comments is not on auto approve so only you ( or a staff member ) can see your comments until you tick the box on the right hand side of each comment and click on approve on the bottom of the page , or change the setting on your "Manage Blogs" page.

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Hi Leah, good to hear from you. It is a "bear" to keep up with the excerisering. For me, I go walking everyday, some times I dont want to get out the bed, but I know me, if I miss one day, It turn into not getting up. I caught a cold, and miss four days not walking, my husband made a comment that got me back into stride.


Happy thanksgiving



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I'm happy to see leah that your attitude is much better than it has been.

as far as exercise, I have a saying for my walking, you can't walk too short and you can't walk too slow! do what you are comfortable with not what others think you should do.

best wishes from david


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Hope things get better soon. I postponed my therapy for awhile but will resume first of the new year after all my test I got scheduled to see where the blood is going in my body to make me have low blood and slow heart beat!


My doc says don't take any more HB pressure pills untiI we find the cause.

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