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Off to Rehab Again

AZ Leah


Hi All: Due to the decline in my stroke recovery process, the social worker said I needed in-house physical rehab badly. She needed an evaluation from my PT caregiver and Bayada and a script from my doctor. She was surprised I had gone down this much without the doctor sending me before. I've been begging and literally crying to no avail. So i most likely will change drs when I get out. I should be out in 2 weeks, hopefully a lot stronger. I have been praying for a change and hopefully this is it and it works. I think the rehab center has a computer room so hopefully you can email me and I can post my progress. I am going to do my best to be strong. I think this is my last chance. So, say some prayers for me please and I'll do the same for those of your who need them. Fondly, Leah


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All the best to you, Leah. You have the will to improve. What you've been asking for is some help along the way. This sounds like a perfect solution. We need doctors who care and respond when we ask for help. I sure hope you find someone who does that once you get out of rehab. May this rehab unit see your potential and maximize your therapies so you can be independent again. ~~Donna

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Hi Leah, yes you are in our prayers. Sorry that the doctor would not listen, I had to change mine, when he just gave me all these meds and I was not inproving, and got no help, even thought I needed help with walking, bathing and making my meals, my husband haded to go too work. Some doctors just refuse to see beyound they nose!


Come on Leah, keep your eye on the Lord and not on the problem.


God bless



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Prayers are certainly in order and God knows your situation. I'm in OT and PT now for a few more weeks to get finished up. I was in worse shape than I thought I was in for not going to therapy for many months now!


Getting Medicare to pay for that many session

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Leah, I am so glad to hear you are going to therapy! I hope and pray that this will help you regain your strength and keep you independent! Work hard and know that we are always here for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

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leah, my blessings and prayers go out to you, that you get stronger and get yourself back to where you used to be. you have endured so much over the past few years. so lets get your spirits and health back up, to where they need to be. work hard to regain your independence and to get you back home.


hugs and prayers


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