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Overdue blog from Leah

AZ Leah


Instead of making my life easier, it seems I have unknowingly made it more complicated. One thing which contributed to this is by joining Facebook. Now I have Facebook, StrokeNet and email and I can’t handle what I already have. The numbers of people who appear on my Facebook page come from blood relatives and their husbands and children and grandchildren, friends I used to work with, those I know from years ago, my ex-husband’s daughters and grandchildren and Strokenet members. Many who post I don’t know as they are friends of friends of friends etc!. I never did figure out how to set all the preferences of Facebook so I get posts which I have no interest in and many emails saying someone (I don’t know) has posted a comment on my page. StrokeNet and email is easier for me to handle. Therefore, I am resigning from Facebook and hope it helps me manage my time better. I originally went on Facebook because my younger sister had posted pictures of her son’s wedding which I wanted to see. I have enjoyed some of the pictures posted by my relatives but other relatives like my older sister and her large families aren’t on it. So if you don’t see me that it why.


Now on to blogging, I really don’t have much to write about. I figure you all get tired of my same problems – chronic fatigue and neuropathy. I was hoping as time went on (it’s now been 7 years) I would get better, but instead I have gotten worse. With my fatigue worse I don’t go to my PT as much and I only have a few things I do and a few people I see and/or talk with. Life just goes along. I miss Jerry immensely but the type of grieving is more in meditation and reflection. I think God is saving up all my tears.


One thing I am adimant about is I will not give up and I try to get to at least one PT session a week. I am interested in other blogs and learn from the many uplifting ones and how others are dealing with their “problems”. I believe in a positive attitude and I believe that is what has gotten me to travel this far. Our weather has been very hot this summer and I miss planting. Our regular landscaper does the heavy trimming, fertilizing and pre-emergence but doesn’t plant flowers in our entryway or in pots or our back screened porch. For next year I am thinking of finding someone (I have an idea of a lady that words in a nursery near us) and she loves flowers. I think she might be up to doing this type of job. My caregivers don’t do this (although they do water pots that are planted) and I think they would water new ones put in... They do let me know if things look dry. I can see this is a disadvantage of living in my house, although the pros overweigh and cons. Most of our backyard (all on drip) comes back by themselves after our frosts are over with.


This is taking care of Leah week. Sunday I showered and had the base color done on my hair, worked out today and tomorrow having a long-overdue manicure. I love my manicurist so that will be a nice talking session too.


I hope all is well with everyone. I have found a new cream for the neuropathy on my heels and lower legs. It is called “Topricin”. I got it on line but Walgreens and CVS is supposed to have it. After only 2 days I can feel a difference YEH. My rheumatologist also switched my osteoporosis med. from a once a week pill to Prolia which is administered by two shots a year. This is relatively new and I will like the fact that I have to take a pill Sunday morning then wait an hour before drinking anything except water or eating. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and knitting – lots of lap blankets which the assisted living facility around corner really appreciate. If I hear of new I will make sure to let you all know. Til later and prays to all survivors to get better, Leah


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Hello Leah, good to see you are back. I am on facebook, my daughter set me up, I wanted to see my nephews wedding photo's. I dont accept everyone who wants me as their friend.,my husband family is very big.


I understand about you getting your hair done, I went and got mine done, and my eye brows . made me feel a "woman". I can not have manicures, my doctor told me that was a no,no since I have hight blood sugar.



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Hi Yvonne : my nails were a complete mess and I can get those done. Don't understand the reason for hi blood sugar and manicures unless it has to do with the risk of unsterilized instruments. My husband was a diabetic and could have manicures if he was careful who he went to. He only went to one girl. Thanks for the email

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You don't have to unsign up from Facebook, just don't bother to go there! Really, that way you can still see things if you know something happened and want to go and check it out.


I'm going to mention that Topricin cream to my mom - thank you so much for bringing it up, I've never heard of it before!

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Hi Leah. I'm glad you are doing well and working on your recovery and your "me time".


I know what you mean about Facebook. It seems that is the way some of our family only wants to communicate these days. It's sad we cannot hear their voices more.



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Leah :

thank you for blogging. I do wonder from time to time how my friends are doing in their post stroke life. I think there must be some option you ca set it in facebook so that it does not send you notification. I will let you know if I find out how to turn off those things



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