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Congress Must Stop the Medicare Therapy Caps



I got a letter talking about Medicare Therapy Caps on how much therapy, we as stroke survivors, can get before they cut us off. Therapy has been cut way down from what we were once allowed to receive just a couple years ago. I sure hope Congress can do something about these caps placed on us for the amount of therapy we can get each year.


Every survivor needs all the therapy they can get each year to help with their recovery process in returning to a better life to do all they can for themselves in their lives as a survivor making a good recovery! We need speech, physical therapy on a regular schedule to get better day by day and any other therapy that will improve our lives.


We never wanted a stroke it found us young and old alike and any survivor just want a fair chance to make a recovery as best we can by getting what is needed to recover. We know enough therapy works for all of us and not just once a year with limited sessions as the current trend is now!


How do others feel about these Medicare Therapy Caps??


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I agreed, even though I got none, which was terriable, and with the help of God, family and my inner strength I overcome. Still I think of others.Hope Congress get it together.



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We were so blessed to have been able to get very extensive insurance that allowed for a truckload of therarpy. I think that it not only was crucial, physically, for him, but also mentally. He was on the go so much to go to therapy and coming home tired, that he didn't have TIME to sit around and get depressed. Back in the beginning, when we were in a forced stop because insurance was changing, I could see he was settling into a 'ho hum, so this is my sad life' style. We are off for the winter right now, but he is so much better, he can THINK and do things, unlike just sitting there not being able to do anything or think and just feeling like there was nothing left of him. The therapy saved him mentally, as well as physically.


I hate to think of the outcome if we had had any other plan, including medicare, that would have restricted his therapies. I think it would have had a catatrosphic result in his recovery. I would definitely like to see people being able to get all the therapy they need to feel they can get somewhere.

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Fred, I don't think the legislators have any idea of what is needed to get survivors back on their feet. It is not about the current situation of the economy or lack of resources, it is simply that they have no understanding of what survivors or caregivers go through. You all have to petition them to get the point across.

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Just my opinion but If Medicare really check the requests sent to them for payments of services and equipment from these fraudgelent operators in every state they could save millions of dollars every year to pay for legit claims from survivors referred to Therapy by their PCP!

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