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My Wife And I Enjoyed Some Get Away Time In Shrevesport, LA



We had a good time all around the Casino floors and came back with more dollars than we left with for a change. I would have never guessed she would play dollar machine when her favorite is the penny machines and all that noise they make would drive me nuts. She hit the dollar one for 1600 dollars as she played two credits each time!


Needless to say she was one happy camper and we played enough to comp our Saturday night stay so Thursday to Saturday we stayed free of charges! I did my quarter machine as I play all the time but would hit the blue dollar key when I thought it might hit. I kept guessing when to hit the key and that paid off for me until it quit being right.


The next day it didn't work so good on another machine! We ate good each day for 50% off the buffet meal and the line wasn't too long either! I think the weather was a factor for people traveling by car so they stayed home and off the highways! We almost didn't go for that reason too!


I'm glad we did go now! My wife needed a break from the bank taking care of other people's money! We got back yesterday evening and she is back on her work job this morning while I'm home with the little dog. I think she missed us too!


Our daughter and grand daughter was at Disney Land last week while school was out for Thanksgiving week and they had a good time too.


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Fred, please that a good time was had by you and your wife, and you won as well! that makes it better!!!!!!!!!. I know Grand daughter enjoyed Disney, I worked at the Florida Disney,and it is a magical place.



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Fred, to come home with more money than you went with is always a plus! Just to get away from home for a few days sounds like fun to me! Mike is a hermit when it becomes winter time. Just getting him to go grocery shopping with me is like pulling teeth! Good to hear you and your sweetie had lots of fun!

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Fred: you both needed the break and the time off. Just so pleased you were feeling well enough to want to go and then enjoy your time. Please do take care and Kudos! A mostly paid time out. Who is better than you both? Debbie

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Yea Terry it's there money I left with them many times in the past, 15 years, but I figure this win for us came back with a little Interest paid by them and long over due!


My wife never, never plays a Quarter machine and this one time she hit 1600.00 dollar payout on it! She has won on the Penny machines but not this much!!

The machine will play quarter, 50 cent, and dollar, just push the button!


I started doing that and it's better than just playing straight quarters and that's how I manage to win a little bit when I changed at the right time!

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It sure does with her working 5 to 6 days each week caring for other people's money at the bank. She won't leave this job for nothing. She's been in banking since high school and all through college and at 61 she wants to retire when she gets 70 something. They keep giving her more pay each year.


The turn over rate at banks in this military town is rapid with many soldier deployments and the wives go back home with their kids!


The only thing left she hasn't been or done yet is vice president or President of a bank! When this bank hires new people for supervisors and below she gets to speak with all of them before a decision is made where they will work!


I guess she has an impressive record in writing! We need time off and away from the city.

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