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The Weekend Is Here And Winter Has Shown Up



Oh man it's so cold today I keep thinking the snow is not very far away. The wind is so strong it goes right through the clothes, sewaters, and coats you got on to keep warm. I made a trip to Walmart and Sams and could not shop I was so cold still in the store. I felt sorry for the lady standing at the door checking cards she was freezing and no heater there.


My nose is still driping and I can't seem to warm up any. I'm trying to post this blog but that isn't working either! My desk top quit working and this laptop isn't working either. Maybe it is the weather here! Then perhaps it could be my internet carrier. Ahen nyway I got to stop this is driving me batty by typing and retyping and it shows up when it wants to!


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the weather is nuts everywhere !! we are so cold here , which would be fine if it were January --- we are well into the negatives everyday and the windchill makes us go way into the negatives...

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oh I hate it when the typing if off - I don't know what does that, but it is truly dreadful. Fred, you wear a hat don't you? That's where most of the body heat is lost.

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Guest lwisman


Sorry for your problems Fred. Hope you get warmed up soon. It is cold (16 at the moment) here and we have lots of snow. I got up this morning and decided not to go to church. We have new snow in the driveway and it is so.. cold. At time like this I am glad I live in a place that is prepared for the cold and the ice and snow. The government has the equipment and schedule. Everyone has heavy coats. Etc.


This is definitely hot tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee, or whatever you prefer weather. Tomorrow I am baking a whole chicken and then will make chicken noodle soup with some of the meat. That is also good this time of year!

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I sure do wear a cap but looking for the soft caps you can pull down over the ears or roll up just above the ears. They keep your head much warmer I think!


Yea I'm skipping church today too God knows my heart and still trying to get over losing my sister! Hopefully I can go next Sunday!


Nancy, it;s super cold where you are take care of Dan keep him warm!

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Fred, get a wool cap you can pull over your ears. Thats what I wore when I was in England. I was so cold, I supposed been in Florida for over 25years, going into the cold was not good for my system. My fingers, toes, and ears were so cold, and I cover everything.


Please everyone wrap up, and be safe!



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