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Caregivers - you know the drill....



Seems like it always hitting the fan here. Last night I was trying to catch up on dishes about 2am when I heard Bob call HEL...! The "P" in help didn't make it out, as that's when he started vomiting. I will keep the details of just how much got hit, so you all don't turn green... let's just say, I was up washing 3 loads of laundry all night, and had to bathe him completely. We were pooped today and took a nap, I got up before him and went to Walmart, as my perpectual Christmas tree had the audacity to not light up.


Many bulbs to decide on, and as I left the lot I saw 2 guys on the ground by their car, and on closer inspection, saw they had a flat. I've had so much trouble keeping one of my tires blown up, I just said, "thank God it isn't me this time!" Stopped by Wendy's to pick up burgers and as I rolled down the car window and got close to the drive thru, I heard this funny noise. It's a strange noise, but if you've ever heard you car with a close to flat tire, you'd recognize it. I drove to the car wash - no air. I drove to speedway and got out, to find a little note taped on it, that said, "sorry, out of order". I drove to Krogers and I yelled over to the men filling their cars and asked if one could help me as I usually only succeeded in letting more air OUT of my tires, when I tried to do it. One guy came over, and as I went to put in my quarters, I saw someone had one jammed in the slot and it wouldn't take any more coins. I freaked out and went, "oh my God, how will I get home with the tire this flat!" He said, no worries, he had a tire pump with him! It was a plug in that works from you cigarrett lighter - I'm getting one! It also has a screw onto the tire so you don't have to just keep trying to hold the air thing to the tire thing (technical terms!)


Got home, to hear Bella barking in the backyard, had forget to bring her in. Got Bob up and fed, he bit his lip so hard it bled. Went out to bring in groceries and also had a 40 pound bag of salt for the softener. I was lucky to get it into my cart where the child would sit, because it was at the right shelf level where I could just pull it off the shelf and it would land in the cart. It was trickier getting it into the car. When I got home, I couldn't find my trolley thingy, and got the wheelchair that is in the garage. It worked to get it in and I was able to take out pot fulls of pellets (about 100!) until it was about 1/2 empty, then I could dump the rest.


I am supposed to take him to a stroke support meeting tomorrow, not close - but now am not sure about my tire and him, either! We really want to go to this one because it is about loss of bladder & bowel control. I feel like a bag of feathers in a wind tunnel!


Bob still feels off, so he went to bed early, even though he had a 5 hour nap. But any little thing really throws a stroke survivor for a loop.


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Next time you go to Walmart, pick up a couple of cans of Fix A Flat to keep in the car, it's easy and it works great. And I should know, my old mechanic used to say "The Queen of Flats is here" as soon I walked in the door, because he knew what I was there for.

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will it work if it is not a flat? I know that sounds crazy, but it does not have any holes. This keeps happening and it's been tested and found to always be good! The last time I went in they took it off the rim and resealed it, and it lasted a couple of months. I've tried researching this, and seems my kinda car has a problem with the rims. :(


I am definitely getting one of those pumps though!

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There is a really good chance it will work. I had to do it with a car once and its like when they reseal it. It isn't a permanent fix but it will last a few months and save you the hassle you just went through. The fix a flat inflates the tire AND injects a sealant that conforms to the leak, blocking it. No more air pump that don't work, and it inflates perfectly. I always kept a can in my car so I never got stuck. I hope it works for you too...and it's inexpensive--less than 5 dollars.

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i have never used the product but am gonna buy a can... but i do know a bit about tires.. sometimes there is no hole but the tire is not fully sealed to the rim causing this to happen over and over again.. problem.. the rim might have a slight bend in it , and the cost of having it resealed is about 1/2 as much as a whole new tire.. so catch 22 .. like our lives (lol) .. i think sandy you have it right get the pump, and to the girls they are right to get the product.. have a whole arsenal, just in case...... and yep as you said we know the drill ( vomiting) in dans case it is usually BM -- arghhhh been there and doing that - just like you.. hang in there you /we are doing good... !!! get the perpetual tree lit- or you will never know what season it is ... LOL nancyl !!!!!

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If you have aluminum rims on your vehicle, that can be a real problem. Went through that once. If you can afford new steel rims it might be a good idea.

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My husband's always have cans of fix a flat, it works and it is cheap.I am going to tell him about the pump you mention, that sounds great.


Hope Bob is feeling better.


And did you get your tree lit? We have our lights up, plus, i put up my "village". Still thinking about a tree, Grandkids will be with their fathers and it is only hubby and me.



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Sandy, Sorry to hear that Bob isn't feeling well. I know that around our area there is a 24 hour bug going around that makes everyone feel yucky. Most of my family was sick the weekend before thanksgiving. Glad Mike didn't go to the dinner with me and end up getting it. As far your tire, have they checked the valve stem in it? I know you said you had it checked for leaks but if they didn't check the valve stem it could be loosing air there. Also having fix a flat and a portable air compressor in your car at all times is a fantastic idea although i'm not sure how many times you can put fix a flat in your tire to pump it up if its an ongoing problem. I would suggest getting some different rims if the mechanic seems to think that is the culprit! Hope Bob feels better soon! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to the both of you!


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Sandy: do hope Bob is feeling better. Hydrate and rest, best thing for him. And do see to yourself. You are running 90mph, so fit in some down time for you. Debbie

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