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ok, so here's the background story. 2011, we were to go see son in another state, and I managed to ruin myself right before the trip, trying to move furniture and drag out our Christmas tree the week before we left. So, my hip joint was acutely inflamed and I could hardly move without screaming. So, we ended up having to switch our car rental to a SUV, because I was not able to lower myselft to get into the compact car, but could slide ride across, from a standing position into a SUV. That was ALL of Dec. It was so bad, we considered cancelling that trip (now very glad we didn't, since that was the last time son saw Bob 'normal'). No sooner did I feel better from the month of the hip out, and I stood up and said, "I'm well! Let's go work on the house!" - and I came down with shingles. That was all of January. At this point, I felt like I'd kinda been cheated out of my Christmas, and decided, heck, it looked like Christmas and was cold, I was going to stretch the season and get a little more Christmas out of it, before I let it go. When the shingles were done, I said, "I'm well! Let"s go to the old house and work!" It was February, 2012, and Bob had his stroke. That was 3 months of one thing after the other. The point of this recollection, is that Christmas tree is still standing in the living room (don't use that room much, have TV room). So, I have brought you all this way to show you this:




I LOVED THIS! I hate being in the stores and they have all the trees up and Christmas music playing and the Halloween candy has just went on sale (started about 2 weeks ago). So, I showed Bob this cartoon and said I understood exactly how Batman felt! Bob looked at me, sheepishly, and said, "You're not one to talk! Your Christmas tree STAYS up!"


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Lol Bob got you Sandy. The people down the road had their christmas lights up all year! And they put them on at night! Hubby says at least he does not have to put them up every year and have certain people telling them how to do it! Do you think he was digging at me?



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I am gonna decorate christmas for thanksgiving... cause i kinda feel like i have a lot to be thankful for.. finally .... it is a nice feeling to feel excited for a holiday - not normal for me.... so if you leave the tree up for the rest of your life - ( that would be funny) than thats great and if hubby can get a funny on you horray !! Dan would be digging me to...

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Larry's son has his tree up and lights up outside. His excuse for the outside was it was a warm day. I think you should celebrate Thanksgiving first and be thankful for what you have. That sense of humor Bob has is terrific tho.



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Sandy: you had me even before the Batman poster. I was sitting here laughing and believe me, I am one who that could have happened to in a heartbeat! But look at the positive, part of your work is already done this year. Just don't light it under after Thanksgiving!


Rock on Bob! He's right on top of things. LOL Debbie

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Oh, it's all positive to me! I am just thrilled that Bob is able to make cognitive statements here and there! I remember that for a long time, he could not get a joke, nor even rhyme. We had a phonetics workshop from when our son was little to work with, and I would ask what rhymed with cat, and he'd have 3 choices and pick "elephant?" finally he got to where when asked what rhymed with cat, he'd say, "cat". We did a lot of work on rhyming and he began to get it about 9 months later. He also began to get humor. And now he can even make little inuendos - it's all good for me!


Yea, I'm ready for Christmas... uh... except all the lights burned out... AGAIN. uh... maybe I'll pretend I'm into real old fashioned Christmas, and they didn't have lights on trees.. So, don't know how that will turn out. Also... it's one of those trees from Hobby Lobby that is one big tree - doesn't come apart. The only way to put it away is the same way I took it out - move a bunch of furniture to drag it somewhere and throw my hip into a fit again. Oh no, no, no, scares me to even think about it!

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LOL. Bruce always said he wanted to cut a hole in the floor and just lower or raise the tree every year. Sounds like that is the solution for you.


Any way it works out, a happy and healthy holiday is all any of us want. A few good laughs along the way only help.

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Sandy it is said that if you leave your Christmas light up year round you might be a redneck!!! LOL! Love the cartoon, and absolutely love that Bob got you on this one!!!!

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