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30 Years!



My wife and I this past October celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. She might want to put in for some type of medal for putting up with me! We were married young, she was 19 and I was 20. Its been an interesting journey and would't change a thing. So we decided to celebrate the occasion by going somewhere this winter. I do not know how it happened but somehow I got conned into going to Antigua. it started out as a cruise, then was going to go to Jamaica, then turned into the Antigua trip. We started planning about a month ago. I also started dieting and exercising. ( Gotta look good in the swim trunks) I lost about 20 pounds, still got to go another 10 pounds . I have a month do get this done. I also have been doing a little portion control and using the elliptical. I was on the treadmill at first and I thought my legs were going to snap. It has been very painful to develop a routine, but I will continue on. I have to ... I bought alot of cool clearance beach wear. Of course a couple sizes smaller just to make it interesting. Wish me luck. I have some incentive so motivation is here, I plan on exercising daily so I can maintain a healthy weight in the future. We will see what happens.



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Great for you and wife still together 30 years later! How many children??


I'll say I got married young too but joined the Army at the same time! So now I got 15 years into my 4th time around being married for a total of 53 years and I must say I wish the first could have been like this last one!


I win one and lose a few!! What can I say having PTSD!

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Congrats to your and your wife. 30th years, that is wonderful! You have the right attiude for getting to the weight you want to rock that swim wear. Made sure you take lots of pictures. Enjoy!



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Terry :


congratulations on those 30 years of journey together, bet you both have gone through lot together & I am sure your marriage must be rock solid right now. Enjoy your cruise & update your pictures



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Terry, well done both on the longevity of your marriage and on your weight loss. Yes, you both deserve a good long holiday, so enjoy that too.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Good luck ( on the weight loss - you have already done TERRIFIC wow) and congrats on the years..... and another GOOD LUCK and have FUN on your pending trip !!!!

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