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Setting Goals.... Antigua here I come!



So i had a personal goal set for myself that I would be at a certain weight by Jan. 11. I did't make it. So initially i bought all the clothes I would need for my trip I am going on. I did't realize how large of a goal I set. ( The summer clearance at Macy's was cheap, bargain shopping!) Well i did not make my goal. I started the weight loss campaign about the 1st of November. I exercised and actually watched my diet. I was able to lose 23#. So not bad for 2 1/2 months. Not depressed.... just had a little higher expectations then actual. So I have to stretch out the timeframe a little. This summer I should be in decent shape. I am on the elliptical two times a day @ 30-40 minutes. So I am trying. it was very interesting in the beginning. I started on the treadmill, it killed me. The elliptical was allot better. Anyway.... Antigua here I come. And yeah, I am going to gain a little back as it is a all inclusive, but hey you only go around once!


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Antigua sounds great!

I aiming for February , to get off my meds! Iam walking, watching what I eat, but it isnot coming off! So Iam asking members for help! I am not going to buy any clothes till I see something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do want to go on a cruise, (never been on one) and plan to be looking like a hot mama! LOL



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