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When will I act my age?



Not me. Probably never. Why should I? I want just to be recalled a few times after I'm gone. I live a little fast. I ride a motorcycle on plavix and aspirin, and of course shorts and flip flops. I have one tattoo and want more. i have a few ideas just need to get it done. I am coming up on 51 soon and I have no plans to slow down. I am in a good place..... how long I have no idea. I am going to enjoy it though, and live each day like it was the last. Oh.... and i still like this music. Weird huh? The point...... I want to live life. Where it takes me will be the fun part!



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I have always felt that when life ceases to be fun it is over! We must make the most out of what time we have! I am 50 and planning to purchase a motorcycle in the next few months so that this summer we can ride cross country to see our daughter. Mike already has one but he can't ride me on his so I am going to bite the bullet and get my own! I always said when I got older I was going to have a Harley and ride! My kids think I am crazy but oh well! Got to make the best of the time God gives us! Ride on brother! Ride on!!!

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Hey Terry,


We will live until we die so may as well be happy and do things we want to do. That's why I bought a motor home when I retired from the Postal Service in 1995, my second retirement, so I could see the United States without my Army uniform on!

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TERRY --- hopefully you never grow up ..........................hang on to your thinking, it is the thing dreams are made of !!!

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Terry, go for it. my father always told me " life isfor living, never go to your grave thinking should have,could have, would have" . Now I am making excellent recovery, Iam ready! Told my husband get your cases packed lets go!!!!!!



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