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Made it back!!



Made it back from Antigua. Very interesting trip. When we flew into Atlanta we had what the pilot described as a "landing miss". As we approached the runway for landing they suddenly aborted and began to climb. Not a very good feeling. I guess due to the storm and tornado sitings we stayed in a holding pattern for about an hour. The airport was completely shutdown. When we did finally land we rushed to our connecting flight. Waited another hour and a half for every to board and headed out on the pad to wait another two hours for the final leg of our four and half hour flight to Antigua. I would have much waited at the gate then wait 3.5 hours in a seat on a plane. Sandals resort was nice. But it was kinda like ground hog day...... about the same routine everyday. I did go snorkeling and that was again interesting. The better half wanted to go. So I took some quick lessons plus one key note is I cannot swim. I put my flippers, mask and snorkel on and went in the pool. The first attempt I kinda forgot to use my feet (flippers) The instructor asked me if I would use them the next time around. I did.... and he passed me. We headed out to the ocean, got suited up with my little blow up vest and snorkeling gear and jumped in. I was not very graceful. Kept sucking in salt water, went for about 15 minutes, the boys on the boat kept asking me if I wanted to come in. I think I was in agreement, I ended up taking my flippers of about 15 feet from the boat. Big mistake, started going with the current. Kinda looked like Baywatch when they threw me the little bobber and pulled me in. On the plus side when I finally got into the boat they did point me to the cooler. So I set next to it and watched everyone else snorkel. I was ok with that. It was a good time. Very stress free vacation. (Except for the snorkeling)



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thats my biggest fear of traveling -- i could care less if the plane went down ( wierd huih) but i hate just sitting there.... my restless legs kick in and i am miserable... dan actually does better than i ... but a 2 -3 hour glitch no way.. HE would be a crab...

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Terry, you are an overcomer, you went snorkeling despite the fact that you knew it would be challenging. Well done. The plane trip sounds scary but you hung in there and got to your destination unharmed. You are amazing.

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Good for you, I have wanted to do snorkeling , but have a fear and I can swim!

So Sandals was just okay. I have been looking at them to go to Jacamia.

Yes those plane trips can be a trip! Comming back form England, was on the runway for an hour.. Not much you can do on a plane. Never mind at least you are safe.



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