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Carol's progress



I talked to Carol last night and she is doing very well.....gold medal level. No more "pity parties", capable of what she needs to do, working hard at getting better, and looking forward to going home soon. She can get access to the rehab's computer cafe some days to read her email and hopes to get a chance to join chat one day. She says thank you and hi to all her SN friends.


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Sally :


I sent her chat link & she said her rehab computer does not allow her to login to chat since it does not have java & won't allow it to download. So hopefully you & I will update others about her after talking to her





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I had sent link a while back plus I told her to use flash to enter. They probably don't have JAVA for security reasons....it's a security sieve.

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Sally thanks for the update. I called Carol Thursday, and she was just going to bed. It was good to hear her voice, and I see if I can get her tonight.



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