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They don't teach common sense in Med school



:DI had a doctor appointment yesterday. I gimped in with my Frankenstein walk and cane and the girl asked my to "hop up" on the scale. LOL After managing that without falling, she took me to an exam room where she asked me to "hop up" onto an exam table. ROFL No way a crip can do that...we settled for stretching me out across the chairs (on which my head was banged on the metal frame....Ouch!). Then came EKG, blood drawing, temp, etc. and finally BP...it was a little high (138/90) I wonder why? LOL


With the girl's part done, I was left to wait for the doctor. You know how that goes. When he finally came in, he rechecked my BP and it was now up to 152....I wonder why? By then I had a slight headache (probably from the head banging). Does it ever dawn on them that they cause our BP to go up?


This morning, the news had the announcement that for people over 60 (that's me and most of you) BP under 150 is okay instead of insisting on our BP being 120 or lower. Gee...they finally noticed that we are not 20 anymore and our bodies have changed! Will wonders ever cease!?


The only thing decided yesterday was that there was a brain inside my skull (the girl determined this). The doctor forgot to set a follow up date and I never got my lollipop. I'm glad it's over. Now, I get to wait for the results. :)


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Mine has always been around 138/70. Recently I went to have a procedure and my blood pressure was 160/75. The nurse said "good". I said "Good, my BP usually 138/70"! I guess they figure in the "white coat jitters" lol


Merry Christmas,



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as your title indicates - they can't teach that in med school......... my girlfriend a nurse has a saying - it goes for all it applies to--- "you can't teach stupid" --- we say it often in my former line of work ( corrections).. and it is true...

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Sally, was please to hear that nothing was amis. My blood pressure, which was always high, is now doing good tell I get in the doctors office. It always goes up! The doctor I have now is great, but before. I just came out of hosptial after my stroke. I can not use my right side, I get no therapy, and Iam walking by holding on to my husband. the first question he asks "you look sad" I wanted to hit him with my good arm but I was in pain! My husband asked if he was been funny. He looked at my husband with a straight face and asked "what was wrong?" The look on my husband face, he wanted to hit him! No you can not teach common sense!

Merry Christmas



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