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First Official Day Of Winter 21 December 2013 MERRY CHRISTMAS



The TV announced this morning that today is the first day of the winter season 21 December but I would bet many members here feel winter started days ago by the kind of weather they have had all this month so far! Lenny posted that snow is falling in Canada now so he will enjoy a White Christmas this year for sure.


I feel we haven't seen the worse of it yet. All across the US cold weather has taken over every state making driving very dangerous! So much for my getting out for Christmas shopping!


Well I suppose many members are shopping on line anyway for the bargains they offer on line and delivered to your door or mailbox!


Enjoy the snow and Merry Christmas to ALL!!


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Fred :


We got snow earlier & tomorrow it's going to be 70 degree. So no snow on ground by christmas day. Enjoy your holidays with your family & wishing you happy, healthy & Prosperous New year.



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Guest hostwill



It's good to be home for Christmas, Instead of some far off country away from family. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe time with Family. Jesus is the reason for the season. Blessings!



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Weather predictions in my area are freezing for Christmas Day so inside by the fireplace I wil be all day and night too!


My every child have food to eat and a toy for Christmas and caring parents praying to our God our provider!

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