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Elves and Hawks



Bruce and I have an Elf that we have had for at least 10 years. The face is more like a baby doll and many have him. A friend posted his pix a couple of years back and asked why we all had him. No one really knew. But with the Elf in the Cupboard development this year, our little guy has taken on a new role.


Bruce does not like him. Says it gives him the "willies" kind of like Cabbage Patch kids did. But he has been a busy little guy last week or so. Every morning he brings Bruce something new, after his trip to report in to Santa overnight. Wednesday morning he had two tickets to the Megamillions drawing and this morning he had the grocery circular to help Bruce with the grocery list. Somehow he ended up on a chair, which was certainly better than face down on the table or on the floor - LOL. Kira kicked him around most of the morning and just now I found him in the kitchen. LOL. Wonder where he will show up tomorrow?


We also have two Hawks who apparently are nesting nearby. I believe they are Cooper's Hawks, but they are much bigger than the ones we have seen in the past. I am thinking, based on my bird book - Groshawks. But they are rare this far south. I will have to have Brittany look them up at work.


I put up two bird feeders this year. These were always Bruce's favorites and we have several more, but this was all I could manage. Cooper Hawks will hunt around feeders, they are known for that.


"Sparks" is an abbreviation of SparrowHawk - Bruce's native American bloodline and we often remark that the hawk is his Spirit guide. These two hang out in the yard all the time. Many here know we relocated 31 squirrels the year before Bruce stroked. We have had the same three for four years - no babies, so there is not much here in the yard to sustain Hawks this size. But I guess they are doing OK.


Bruce and I were finishing up the baking this afternoon, when Bruce noticed that both the hawks were in the back yard. They were both perched up in one of the higher trees and actually had a squirrel boxed in. Now, I don't know much about how the hawks hunt, but I am sure it is not a family effort. My thinking was that they were trying to get the squirrel to make a run for it. As close as they were in the tree, my guessing is that the hawks must have to be able to capture prey with their talons. Anyway the hawks left after intimidating this squirrel for about a half hour. The squirrel must have been so relieved to make it to the ground and find a hiding place soonest. He was pretty chill, I must admit, for that half hour.


That seems to be our entertainment over the past week. Nothing like watching Mother Nature in action and the fun of the Elf. Simple things seem to bring us such joy and a welcome break from the stresses of the Holiday Season.


Merry Christmas. Health and happiness. Debbie


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Debbie, much better to stay inside and watch those hawks. Wind chill here today -10 degrees!! But the weatherman says it could be worse as Moline, Iowa has -20!


Elves are no elves, I wish you and Bruce the best this Christmas and in the year to come. ((hugs))



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hey Debbie, a nice story! hawks are so beautiful to watch soaring in their perfect approximation to being free. I unfortunately don't have hawks here but plenty of squirrels. send some of your hawks this way. did you really relocate 31 squirrels to your yard?


glad that elf is working its way back in to your family.



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Debbie, we have an hawk who comes and goes. Always know when he is around, no squirrels, it is so quiet. Nature is something to behold. I enjoy watching the squirrels playing and chasing one another. We did have a ratcoon runing around in my trash can. The neighbour was feeding it, claim he wanted it as a pet! Well I put a stop to that. My grand kids play outside, and he was spotted in the tree. One day my husband was hitting the can for him to come out and he was playing hide and seek, he come to the top look out and go back inside . This went on for 10mins, then he came out looked at us, and took his sweet time walking away! Now we put a brick on top of the can, and that seems to have stopped him.

Have a Merry Christmas


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Thank you all for your Holiday best wishes. Bruce is so attuned to Nature and that is as important to him as decorations, gifts. He adores the changes in season, all that Mother Nature has to offer. So for us, also great tradition and transition that the Holidays bring. Debbie

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We live very close to our state park & trails, and so get lots of wild life here. It was one of the things we loved so much about the place. It does give a lot of joy and peace to be close to nature. Now if you see that elf riding a hawk, there might be trouble....

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