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Wild Wear



Julie and I were talking tonight. She is in Missouri so her weather usually gets to me, in New England, in two or three days. And I am so thankful for that - planning time - LOL.


We have two days of warm up, but with some rain. Last week was bitter cold, beating records set 10 years ago. Neighbor Cliff out shoveling on Friday insists that I not come out to help unless all my skin is covered.


I knew by Wednesday, I had a small window to get Bruce out and planned all week to do that. The rain started this morning when it was still 22 degrees out, so mainly froze on contact-at least our front landing-LOL.


But was thinking tonight, we look like we are the homeless from the inner city. I mainly put Bruce in flannel pants with the elastic waist. He can get them up and down by himself safely. But as any of you who purchase these can verify, patterns can be "busy". Add to that a flannel shirt - mostly plaid. And for me, warm and dry is about all I can handle.


Bruce still thinks he is Northern-man: can get away with a T shirt in 3 degrees below zero as long as he is only walking to the car - LOL. Not so now. I fight with him all morning about what is needed to go out. I get my way - to some extent -but it is a compromise. No hat? Ok, you have to wear your sweatshirt hood. And for me, whatever winter gear is out. Most of it I took out for Bruce-who won't wear it - LOL.


So there we are: plaid man who is warm but not really coordinated and his wife: watch cap, pink hoodie, blue ski gloves and a black scarf. And if someone had offered us a hand out of any type, I would not have been surprised! LOL.


Stay warm all. Lots of fluids. Don't go out unless you have to. And caregivers, you know my mantra is always to have a stash! Because you may run into Nike Watch Cap Woman - and that is not pretty - LOL. Debbie


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Haven't left the house since New Years Eve when we out for Chinese food. We too had the neighbors do our driveway and walks, they are the best!


Today Ray actually said NO to food shopping even though I told him it had warmed up a bit. Too bad we have doctor appts a half hour away on Tuesday and Wednesday, temps supposed to drop like crazy again those two days. I had so much planned for right after the holidays but just killing time right now.

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Bob has a very large assortment of all patterns of the thick fuzzy pull-ups from walmart. Not flannel, but stretchier stuff. Also has many turtlenecks or sweat shirts that co-ordinate with them. Couldn't live without them!

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Florida is also going to be colder tonight. It is going down to 20, which is cold for Florida. I go for a walk every morning, and Friday it was cold, and I was the only one walking! I konw my husband will have the heat on , and he have his one flannel bottom on, and about two thick sweaters on, and sitting in front of the television,wrapped up in a blanklet! i tell him it was colder in England, he reply "that's why we live in Florida"



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I'm in NH and miserable with the cold, snow and ice (was foggy and rainy today but freezing back up tonight :( I'm having friends give me a ride to my 1st outpatient PT tomorrow and 1st time riding with these friends, I hope I dom't cry from being so cold. :(:( I haven't yet figured out a good way to keep warm on outings ... with my arm in a sling, it's difficult to wear a coat in such a way that I get good coversge from the wind.

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I think I'd have the sling off and if she wants you in it for therapy, put it on there. Not freezing is more important. and you have to consider that if you were in an accident, you'd get way too cold before you got out of that fix. There is also the probability that she would want the sling off anyway, to work on you.

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