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My wish for all Survivors is to gain more use of their body, and all Caregivers to get more rest and time off, while being more prosperous and productive this coming New Year 2014 and beyond! We only live once so let's make the most of this life and appreciate our second chance as a survivor we are living now.


A vacation would be a plus while getting better from the Stroke is a must with prayers and more therapy in the New Year. "I hold that as my new years resolution" "to stick to it all year long faithfully!" We all can look back now as 2013 comes to the end of another year for us. I pray in mind of those that lost love ones and mates or partners in a relationship. Let the memories sustain you forever more of the tender love shared over the many years together in harmony


God knows best, our heavenly Father in Jesus name may we all be blessed in 2014 beyond our expectations! May we live in world peace without war, killings, stealing so we may love thy neighbor as ourselves!


Happy times ahead, Happy New Year To All We Pray!


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Fred, I made a one word resolution last year, my word was "Fun". This year I am going to do something harder, my two word Resolution for this year coming, 2014 is "Accept Change". That has never been my strong point so I am going to have to work on it.


For you, keeping on keeping on seems to be what you do best. There is not a mountain you will not make an attempt on. So I wish you some joy as you tackle the tasks ahead of you in 2014.



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Well said Fred. I would love for the world to be more peaceful, less hungry, hate, and jealousy.


I plan to lose this weight so i can get off the meds. My friend says she is going to start a family retreat, I want to be a part of that.


Keep on thinking postive Fred.


Happy New Year to you and your family.


God bless



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Thanks, I just want to maintain my strength and my ability to get things done to keep going up hill and healthy! Maybe even working again someplace like Walmart!


I enjoyed that time I worked on my scooter as a greeter in the garden center the most!

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