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WOW! It's been a year...quite the ride



I can't believe it's been exactly 1 year today since I've had my stroke. I thought I'd wake up and feel relieved, but felt more anxious somehow. I heard multiple times, "1st year is the hardest"...well I hope so because I MADE IT. Only difference between now and 1 year ago is I take 3 medications a day and am 15lbs heavier! But, I'll take the weight over being mentally stable any day. Thankful for what I do have and what I can do. Today, I did exactly what I did a year ago, in fact, I even wore the same sweater and boots I wore on stroke day. I got up, went to work, went to boot camp, and came back to work, anxiously awaiting the time to pass when I had my stroke. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for this message board so I thank all of you for posting and responding to all the concerns and questions. Here is to many more years......


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happy Anniversary Tahoegirl. Once I started celebrating my stroke anniversary as our valentines day. I actually look forward to it &plan some romantic things to do with my hubby. Once you will start celebrating your anniversary you will feel less anxious. you have come quiet far in your recovery.




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This was your day...but it's also my month I survived the stroke 10 years ago while home alone so I'm so thankful I am still here posting on this board!


All the Best to You in your recovery!

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Guest hostwill


Tahoe girl,

dec31st was my 17th stroke anniversary. I congratulate you on making it thru the first year. Never give up, now you can go skiing.



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