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Weather outside is frightful!!



Since everyone is posting about weather lately, I might as well join in. lol I think my font is frozen even on my computer as it went to tiny print at first.


We have a wind chill of -33 today. We have not been out together but I went out last week and stocked up. My driveway is a mess of snow and drifts and snowplow build up from the street plows. Our streets are plowed. I finally asked a neighbor who has a lot of friends from soccer teams and school if he knew someone. He has a friend who shares a big plow with his brother so he is coming to do mine tonight. Yippee!


Most schools and businesses are closed today as the roads are treacherous. Our MODOT crew uses beet juice over the salt to get through the ice when they are plowing the highways. Other chemicals cannot break the ice down as well. They have told people to stay off the roads. Doctors have told people to keep their kids inside as it is too easy for them to get frostbite.


Well Larry has a doctor appt. Wednesday and I will watch the weather forecast. Larry will not go out if weather is bad. He will bundle up if needed and will always wear a hat, but doesn't like his ears covered. I may try going out tomorrow.

In the meantime, I like curling up with a good book. Also, my favorite TV show, Downton Abby has returned on Sunday.




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Even Florida is going to get cold to night! it is going down to 20, that is cold for Florida. My husband will have the heat on high, and he be well wrapped up! I just hope it will not be too cold, I go walking every morning. Friday it was cold, and I saw none of my fellow walkers!


Stay safe, and they were saying that don't go out for too long.



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Julie: so glad to hear you are finally plowed out. Even if you are not going anywhere! It is tough enough to be cabin-bound without feeling like you are snowed-in.


Here in southern New England, we usually don't get the snow fall amounts you do. And even Friday we only got about six inches - dry and light stuff. Still with the bitter cold and the salt-mix unusable in that cold, I think it was the worst driving I have had in years - and I only go about 2 miles. I was all over the road. I don't remember bitter cold like this since about 1976 and in those days it was pure salt and a lot of it. Environmentally we have safer stuff now but along with that comes some limitations.

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Guest lwisman


Here in Chicagoland the worse is supposed to break by noon tomorrow (Tues). High Tues will be 6. (Today we set an record of -16, ouch). Then it gets warmer each day. Above freezing on Friday. Then we have four days above freezing. The worry then will be flooding.


It is -11 at moment. The wind chills until noon Tues will be -35. It is so cold I can feel the cold coming in around the window (which is double glazed and five years old) behind my computer. I will not be here long.


Anyway Julie, you are south of me so hopefully you will see even warmer temps.


I for one am looking forward to spring!

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