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One handed juggler



Yes, there is a one handed juggler. He recently helped me buy something in Sears as he also works in sales. I didn't realize who he was at the time but I recently received an E Mail from him. He has performed around St. Louis and I have seen him at an outdoor event a few years ago. His website tells all about his injury which he incurred as a child on a jungle gym. I won't go into detail as you can read it yourself at his website DaleJones.com. He has performed in other states so maybe some of you have seen him. Anyway, I thought I would share this as it shows folks, like my hubby, who have lost the use of their hand/arm can even accomplish juggling. I can't see Larry ever doing this but this guy has proven to make it work, even after 24 operations!


The weather here has been mostly frigid but then we get a warm day in between it all. Spring is coming I keep telling myself.


The robins came and stripped my neighbors holly tree of the berries. It is fun to watch as there are dozens of them. It doesn't seem to hurt the tree. I brought the cats to see and they watched for a while and then were bored again. lol Lucy cat loves lying in front of the vent in the kitchen.


Our granddaughter received her Driver's Permit. Her mom just got a new car and she will be driving it with her mom gripping the dashboard. lol I remember those days!


I have been sneezing my head off and using a dozen or more tissues every morning. I decided to take a Wal-Dry this morning and that was a big mistake. It is like Benadry. I had to lie down. When will I learn caregivers cannot take meds during the day!


I wish for the weather and our stroke survivors improve in the new year.




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We had a flock of robins too recently, but since snow was forecast I thought it strange. Upside down town! And our cats too are hibernating, I feel sorry they can't go out on the porch for a little fresh air: Well they could if they wanted, but they don't want!


I always have wondered why Ray isn't inspired by others who have overcome more, guess it's just one of those sweet mysteries of life. I always think, oh I would try so much harder, but I could be fooling myself too I guess.

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Julie: Mary called today and had Robins. She said "OMG, they are confused!" I had to explain to her that some winter over. It is not necessarily confusion - LOL, stroke world.


Kira insisted on going out today. She saw a green patch just off the front porch. Got those little Kitty paws in the snow, took off under the porch and Cliff had to come and coax her out. LOL. I was inside working with Bruce, who is not feeling well.


Dr. told Bruce he would have to exercise more since there would be no more Botox. I just laughed. Bruce says (in typical Bruce fashion) "Oh, I am planning to, after I am done with my UTI!" After I spent time explaining to Doctor that Bruce did not have a UTI, I just said "he has been hanging out with Nurses way too long!" LOL


Love your Dale Jones, but again, one has to want it. Whatever grabs them, we go with it.


Stay warm, cuddle with those little kitties. Debbie

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