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OH WOW! was I ever sick I got up and when I stood up I was so weak I could hardly stand on my own and my stomach was feeling really queasy So I went to bed had a very hard time sleeping, couldn't get comfortable and as my stomach started to churn. I had to get up and go to the washroom I guess t'is the season to catch the cold.


I have been coughing and sneezing for a very long time now as sick as I was and as aweful as I feel there is a silver lining. Because I was so sick I couldn't eat munch at all and I was able to lose five pounds so now only 195. Bonus! Not sure where I picked up the flu or the cold but I hope I don"t find it because I was so weak I had to be helped up the stairway by my wife caregiver so I hope it was just the cold and not me just getting worse. Stay well get plenty of sleep and try to stay away from virus.


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Lenny :


hope you feel better soon. with stroke deficits even common cold can take out windbeneath our wings. but good news is its just cold & you will recover soon, just drink lot of fluids & take rest.



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lenny, i am so sorry, you are sick. i hope you are feeling better now. both a cold and the flu can definitely make us feel like &___. a stroke doesn't help thats for sure. our immune systems are compromised already. it sounds like it zapped you good being weak and loosing weight. it seems we can catch a bug where ever we go. no one washes their hands , like they should and are out in public when they are sick. its no wonder the flu spreads so quickly. kids bring home all sorts of germs. i carry a hand sanitizer in my purse to use when i'm out. i know where you live is exceptionally cold. so be sure to bundle up well when you go out on your walks. eat well, get your flu shot, take your vitamins, drink plenty of liquids. so hopefully you won't get sick again. stay well my friend.


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