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well I went to the stroke study being held at the university of britixh coumbia hospital and where I got to use a robotic arm to activate my left arm and wrist and whike hooked up it was activate to help me to bend my wrist with the help of a robotic arm and when activated I was hooked up with electric contacts which will light up my brain wher it is working to see what part of the brain is use to get the movement with your arm it was really cool and they are also develpping the robotic arm to work for the fingers can"t wait to use tht one any way lots of test is done to see how I amfunctioning as a stroke surviver lots of test and time was taken to see if I can do that within a certain time move the wooden blocks into another box then pickup a can of soda to see idf you can lift it up and then using a paper clipand rolling up the towels and then check for sence of touch and while I am there I actually get paid to do that not munch 20dollars but hey its easy to do so its free money and I had an mri done on my brain to see if it lights up at all and it did and the whole time I am being monitored to insure that all is well it takes about 5 hours to do


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Thats cool lenny. It sounded like fun and yes easy money. No study like that been done here, just ones to get you too take more meds LOL



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that's a great study, you are involved with. your time is well spent to be able to try something that might help many other survivors. your results do matter. I wish you the best and I'm hoping the robotic arm. works for you to get function back. would'nt that be a great outcome, you got to try the bioness system to help you walk again and it worked for you. keep us updated on your progress. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

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