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well i am sending you this blog to let you know that i made it? :gym: i made my goal but so can you if i can trust me so can you as you know if people know me you all know that i love to eat yes i know we all love to eat but i eat but i love to eat ALLTHE WRONG THINGSlike i love pumpkin pie, or ice cream or bacon and yes even sausage so after spending my time being very very overweight when i had a strke i weighed 180pounds but now i manage to get up to 199pounds and i had the appetite to proveit and the large stomacso i decided to give it the old colledge try and i gave up alot of juck foodand dessert and believe me when i started to do this i thought it was opver before i started, well i manage to finally make it to 189 so hey i lost 10 pounds now you must remembrer after my stroke mby my doctor told my wife that i may not make it but i did in fact i am getting even better after11years so chalk it up to one lost for the doctor and now my doctor yes same doctor told me that having a stroke and being sedintary and being 64 i probably wouldn"t reach my goal which was being under199 well i did and that is with a stroke and being 64so now thats 2 for me and only 0ne for my doctor so that is why iam writing you this blog to let you know that if i can do it you can to no matter what your doctor told youyou just have to be prepare to have will power to eat the right things feel hungary grab an apple or a peach i now have a goal and that is to reach my final weight before my stroke which was 180 what do you think my chances are to do it ?i will keep you updated as time goes on but i just wanted to let you know that you need to set a goal for yourself and stick to you guns so that you can achieveyour goal if you dothat will make you very very happy and give you the ability to do that noone thought that you will ever do so prove them wrong it feels great and trust me if i can do it so can you and thats with anything with losing weigt and gaining recovery


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