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well valentines is here a holiday that comes around only once to thank the lady in your life and the cargivers in your life and i don"t think that once is enough :forgive_me?: so i was thinking that all women and men who is a care givers should be given our most highly praise for a job well done to give up your daily activity just to help your loved ones who was unluky enough to have a stroke being a caregivers to your loved ones is such an unselfish act and i just wanted to let all of the caregivers know that you are one in a million who i don"t think gets enough praise for what you do and since valentines is here i want to wish a very happy valentines to all cargivers without caregivers we would be at a loss we all like to think that we don"t need as munch help as you give but that is not true we are getting better all the time but that is probably because of the love and the care that we get from our caregivers :stretcher: who always seem to be there ready to help to do all we can to help and for that thank you so god bless the caregivers :doctor: and of coarse because of valentines happy valentines day and thank you for all that you do to make lifes easy


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Lenny :


couldn't agree with you more. I know my husband who never comes on this site but really I learn a lot from other caregivers blogs on this site. I feel all caregivers are angels in disguise, and without them we would not have recovered as much we did.



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That is so nice, Lenny, thanks a million! We have a nice meal planned tomorrow, with some flowers and cards already in place, not much more than we used to do ;-)

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