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oh boy its baseball season time to put on my red sox



WELL FINALLY AFTER BEING WITHOUT BASEBALL GAME FOR WHAT SEEMS LIKE A VERY LONG TIME SPRING TRAINING HAS BEGIN :clap: HOWEVER ONLY IN FLORIDA OR MAYBE ARIZONA :tumbleweed: but definety not here in canada :badmood: no still cold and still rainingbut no snow yet!!! but now i can turn on the fireplace :crazysmile: and curl up to my telivision and watch my red sox win the world series :cheer: yes i am still a fan :whip: well i hope that you will all stay warm :Flame-On: and keep dry :wtg: and get into the red sox so that they can win the world series again :cheer: enjoy the season i know i will, love red sox and i hope that you will get lots of recovery and a whole lotta fun be safe


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Lenny can those Red Sox get back to back World Series Championships?? You know them Texas Rangers will be riding high in the saddlers!!!

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I'm with ya! Even though it's only spring training, there's nothing like the sound of the crack of the bat after a long cold winter.

I'm a native New Yorker and even though I think they stamp the Yankee logo on our birth certificates, it was very, very cool to see the Red Sox win the series. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if they can do it again.

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