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went to stroke study todaymarch,11th



well i got the call to go to ubchospital that is where a stroke study is done we had a varios of test memory test, and puzzle test we go to have an mri i have done that twice now so i get a comparison check to see if there is any improvement ie not as dark as before and good news its not as bad with the puzzel it is like a tile which is red and white and you are giving design that you have to move the tile in order to make it look like the design then you are giving a grocery list compleate with a number of items that can be purchace you are then ask to recall the list then you are giving a blocks in a box and ask to move the blocke using your hand to complete the task so basically your brain is given a task to perform in order to see just how wellyou do and base on your mri if you don"t performed a task that well they can then look at the mri to see the image of your brain and base on what they see or not see they can then determine what brain is use to performed that task it is very interested to see how it is done and the university students is performing the test and you even get paid to do that , and i have also been told time and time again by the mritechnician that your brain will continue to make the proper pathways over time no matter what the time frame may be it just continue to make new pathway the technician has seen it over and over again and i hope that you will see and get some improvement


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Lenny :


I know you for long time now, and I know there is lot of improvement in you & me as well. So I strongly believe as long as we are alive & try to do things new pathways are being built. now this study is proving the point so doctors can give people hope about their recovery outcome.



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Hello Lenny, it sounds like a great test, I want to do one. I went to my doctor and she said I needed to go and see a neuro doctor, since i have not been to one since two years.



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