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The Polar Express



To add to the current conversation.....it is cold down here, too (sw Georgia on the Florida border). This is the first time since Monday afternoon that we have been above freezing. It has been 18-19 for morning lows (plus wind chill). Last night my hot water line to the kitchen froze in spite of leaving the water running (the bathroom hot water line was fine as were the cold lines). Gracie cuddled with me under a throw blanket last night to watch tv then beat me to bed and under the covers. lol This morning after a quick run outside and some breakfast, she snuggled under the throw again. We are going to be at freezing again tonight then warming. I look forward to warmer weather but, we are supposed to hit 70 over the weekend. Shocking weather! Too bad we don't have a thermostat for outside. :)


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We are warming to 50 this weekend. Ice and slush still around and a dusting of snow again tonight. Water mains have broken all over and one damaged a school big time. Accidents on roadways and delays in deliveries, etc. I wish it was spring!


Take care and curl up with Gracie.



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sally :


stay warm inside with gracie, its very cold everywhere bu I hear going to be in 50s by weekend. so just stay under throw with gracie.



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I'm going to have to call my brother, he is in south central Georgia, just above Tallahassie. I knew it was colder than usual but not that cold! My Mom in upstate NY is dying to go down there for a spell, obviously she doesn't know!

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