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New technology



The CES show has spotlighted some wonderful and silly new tech. One of the best (I think) is the self-driving car. How wonderful it would be for the disabled and elderly to have their freedom, not be dependent on buses, cabs, family or friends. At the same time, how nice not to worry about accidents that can be avoided by the smarts of these cars. Safe, convenient, transportation. No worry about fuzzy brains, bad reaction time, limited physical abilities or the schedules of others.


I live in the boonies - there are no cabs or buses, no family, and my local friends are 15 miles or more away. The handicap bus (note bus) is never available and comes from another county. My eyesight is such that I sold my car and hired a driver. This limits me. Just think....if a car could drive me where I needed to go when I wanted to go there...safely! How wonderful! A car that could avoid hitting critters in the road, bad drivers, and park itself. Freedom!! I would no longer be trapped in my house and I could visit friends that I never get to see (they won't drive here) and go places I can't go to now.

This is the progress we need. :D


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Sally :


I saw it too. & I am sure in the beginning it will be luxury ticket item. so along with all this technology one needs money too :)



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I just feel some guy is going to screw that all up trying to make the car go using his smart cell phone to keep from buying gas at 6 dollars a gallon??!

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Sally I agree with you. I don't drive and I feel trap! at first it will be a luxury item, but it come down like everything else. When I win the lottery, I buy you one Sally and you too Asha LOL.



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