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I'm still here



I have been busier than usual lately and will be glad to see my life settle down to boring, again.


Among other things that went wrong...My food stamps were approved for renewal and I should be getting $15 worth each month but, when I went to use them at the store, my card was empty! I was angry and embarrassed. For the past two months they have not been added to my card. I tried contacting the local office...they no longer take calls. I called the main office and was put on hold for 2 1/2 hours only to get no contact. I swear the Obamacare people practiced on the Georgia system before doing the Fed system. Since I never asked for them (they came with the Medicaid), I decided not to pursue the matter further (UNCLE!) - too much aggravation and too expensive. :growl:


The property I live on was finally sold and I met the new owners. They seem very nice. My landlord did right by me and wrote me into the sale. There will be no changes....I live here as long as I want, no rent increase, etc, etc. My landlady will keep on picking up my meds and running errands in town for me. It has worked out very good. :goodjob:


I have a package of catnip sightseeing. Fedex does not believe in updating their tracking or delivering on time. They got the package on the 10th for delivery on the 15th. It has been in transit from Atlanta to me (same state) since then! I hope it had a good time. :rolleyes:


Otherwise, I am hanging in there - trying to stay upright. I have been fighting depression (too many ghosts in the corners and existing not living) and tired long ago of the fight. When Gracie is gone, I will gladly curl up and vanish.


I am working on paying off the last bills from Charlie's illness and mine this year if others will stop finding new ways to raid my purse. The part D carrier the gov. gave me for this year costs more and my doctor is in love with tests...I say "NO" a lot and will be saying it more. I wonder if I really need all of those meds I take....I will be asking.


Lately, I have been avoiding chat...it has become a downer too often. Will you depressing people get a new attitude!! At least, don't spread it with your whining! The rest of us have it hard enough without you. :notfair:

That's enough for now. Have a good day "ya all". :)


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Sally, I wish you the best as things seem so unreal at times. I have no more room on my computer desk to put any more medicines. I am taking 15 different kinds twice a day with food. I feel it may help after some time.

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Sally, I know what you mean about others affecting you. I tried a "support" group for caregivers locally. I went there all gung ho, thinking we'd be sharing tips and making each other stronger with them.... but turns out is was no more than a woe is me, life is too hard group, where support meant wallowing in it. That's ok... maybe they need that... maybe I will one day. But to me that would be called a different kind of group. I don't know.... maybe I'm the weird one... I just can't afford to let myself be down in anyway, because I have way too much depending on me. I have to stand, no matter what. And when I can't stand, I have to stand anyway. And when the time comes when I fall, I'll be laying there, waiting to stand. I don't have time to give up. I guess that is not where I am in our journey. The time will come... I'm just not at that bend in the road, and don't want to put myself there prematurely, when we could be still doing well. I'll shut up now...

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Sally, I'm really happy for you about your housing situation. It really makes a difference to like where we live and to get along with our neighbors. I recently moved from my parents' home to a nearby apartment. Now that I'm all settled and my apartment is set up, I absolutely love my space. I've also been away from Strokenet due to being busy the last five months.


Best to you,



P.S. I'll be happy to chat or message any time. I'm happy and positive, too. :)

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Sally, chat is for all sorts of things, venting (or whining), asking questions, having a joke, becoming part of a loving community. I know it can be a downer sometimes when we are ALL having a bad day but persevere and you may be just the one person someone else is looking for to talk to who really understands.


I always enjoy your blogs.



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You people are great! Hostsue...some people make a career of whining. They even whine about good things. It's fine to have a downer you need to share once in awhile but, not every word out of your mouth (or fingers) should be a downer. We are all the epitome of the clown with a smile on the face but, tears inside.

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