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Isn't tech wonderful!



:)How else could we meet new people and converse with them, get help, do research, get information, play games, read books and news, and generally...not be so alone! Cheers to the computer in it's many forms! It sure makes a difference in my life! One can pay bills, bank, and shop online. No eraser (and holes) to correct our misspellings. I can spell but, hit a lot of wrong keys these days. lol Yeah tech!!


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You are right, and right now mine is in the Form of not working as it was intended to work. Then I am not the seasoned operator of a computer I should be like Bill Gates the Microsoft inventor. The going prices for repair in home is not in my budget and I can't unplug it to carry it with one hand to the repair shop.


Presently I can not purchase another one for a few years and pay income tax in April too! I must get mine repaired the soonest somehow!

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Tech is wonderful if you are a "techie kind of person". We got a GPS for Christmas and I am still trying to tell the thing that it is taking me the long way there. I don't dare tell the kids as they thought this would help me more. lol


Fred, I am needing a "Geek" guy here also but afraid I will need either a new computer or change all the software. So frustrating!



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Sally, yes the computer has opened up my life, but I still enjoy getting out and talking to people. Iam not a "tech" person. My husband goes and gets a "I phone", now the young man at the strore showed him how to operator the phone, but , he was still not sure, and my son left to go back to school. Now also my son gives me an "I phone" and he showed me how to use it, but thats like showing a new born who would know more then me! Here comes my grand son and he said "look grand pa, and grandma, this button does this, and it can do that", when he left we both sit there shaking our heads. Thank goodness for him or we be in trouble! LOL

Having a lot of problem with my computer, need a new one, but funds are low. Have to see if Grandson knows what is going on LOL



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