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Sequencing Stars



So Bob has sequencing problems. This makes it hard for him to do just about everything, needing prompting. Some of his speech therapy papers had him drawing different things, and it became evident that he could no longer make a star. The thing about stars is that there is a series of sequences that we follow to get the shape. It only takes 5 seconds, because it's so fast and easy, unless your brain forgot the sequence. I was trying to find old papers where we had tried to practice and practice, but can't find them. I was able to find one old paper where he was to draw a star and tried twice, but you can see his is way off. Then there is a second star on another paper (to the right), over the word tomato. We have worked on this so many times. Most of his attempts looked much worse than these, but can't find those papers. As you know, making stars is not a needed skill, but it is the sequencing ability that I want to see improve!




We worked on it again yesterday, and I decided to use the hours on a clock to tell him which direction to draw in, since he couldn't just follow my moves or instructions. So I had him draw a V, then drew a clock around it, and said, now draw a line down to the 8, now across to the 4, and now up to the 10. It is not an even shape, but then he practiced more around it and they were much better. His is on the left, mine are on the right. Stars do get better looking when done at the correct speed, instead of slow and tediously!



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I remember Larry's speech therapy when he was an inpatient at the acute rehab facility. Sequencing was big in problem solving. She would tell a story and then say "what comes next"? It wasn't always so simple as my daughter and I sat in on a session. Some of the problem solving required a lot of thinking. The speech therapists have so much patience!



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