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Simple Abundance - Book



I have read this book every year for quite a few... I can't remember how many by now. It's not a novel. It's more like a daily read. I tend to be kinda goofy, and it has really been a blessing to me, and helped to center me in crazy times. I have not been able to find it since Bob's stroke and finally gave up and looked on amazon.com for it recently. It's worth mentioning that amazon has a free kindle ap that you can download to your computer and read right on your computer or other device. Many books are free. Nook also has a free ap from barnesandnoble.com


ANYWAY, I bring this up because I desperately needed to get back to the reading of it to maintain my sanity and checked both above sites, finding amazon was the cheapest for an e-book version. Then I saw it was one of those books that has a free 'look inside' which will open a reader on your browser.


If you download the free ap, you can 'TRY A SAMPLE' sent straight to your kindle ap or real kindle, for the whole month of January! I figured that would give me time to find my book and if not, then order the kindle version. I mention this because it is free and anyone could check out a whole month of free daily readings that I have found may at times, have saved my sanity. You'd also have plenty of read to figure out if you hate it. I am behind on it and, it's not really one of those books you want to sit down and read thru. You want to read a day, then reflect on it, and really understand it. So, because I'm behind, I decided to read one in the morning and one at night, till I catch up.


If anyone wants to give it a try, maybe it will be a help to you, as it has been a great support to me, for years.


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seems like i have seen this book - somewhere- i will peak at it on amazon...we all have our spiritual leader types.... i am so glad you were able to RE-find yours

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Nancy, I think the very best thing about this book and the way it is inspirational is that it is working from the inside out. It's not about 'keep hoping and maybe someday something good will happen' - that pretty much just leaves you hanging there... waiting. It's not one of the 'scripture a day' type books. It's more about looking inside and learning about yourself and getting peace from within. I'm not saying there are not spiritual overtones, there are. They are in the form of recognizing the value of each day and recognizing the things we DO have to be grateful for, rather than fixating on everything that is wrong. Now I don't mean we don't come here and vent, that is a good thing - that's what we need to do sometimes. I'm just saying that there are people like my mom, who, when asked, will blatently tell you that she has not one thing in this world to be thankful for... as she sits with a roof over her head, food in her mouth, clothes on her back, live children and grandchildren, money in the bank, on and on. And she'll tell you that with sincere heartfelt anger... it would not be until she lost something that she would see what she had. Which brings out one of my favorite sayings, "if you woke up tomorrow and all you had left, was what you thanked God for today... what would you have?"


PS - I am a Christian and believe in scriptures, it's just that this particular book is not about reaching outside, but going inside.

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Sandy, I will look up this book. I read my bible every day, it keeps me grounded, and what I am goinng through that day I can find a word . We has humans are selfish beings. I remember a teacher who was a person that always saw the "glass half full", so if someone complained that they needed another pair of shoes, she point out that at you haded feet to wear shoes, if you say you needed a bigger closet space, she say at least you have clothes to put in the closet.

My mum would always remind me that there is always some one worse off then you!



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