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Yesterday started with me in fine spirits, planning lots of work to get done. Bob had to poop right out of bed, so we went to my bath room off the bedroom, instead of his. I wonder if we'd made it to the other bathroom, would the day have went differently? Afterward, figured I'd get him in the shower, since my bathroom is where we do that, and he was already half naked. Seemed too much water on the floor. I usually only have 3 towels to sop up, but needed a lot more... what's happening...I? I took the handle from Bob, incase he was doing it.. still seemed to be happening....


Got him dressed, hair blown dry, big breakfast, and felt successful. Bob hates showers but felt good all clean and happy with his breakfast. My plan was to do a load of wash that was in there, then the towels I'd cleaned up with, and I started the first load. As I came thru the tv room to pick up his dishes, heard a bloop noise from the close by bathroom we'd used. What's that? Bob said, "bubble". I said there is not supposed to be a bubble noise come from the bathroom while the washer in the dining room is emptying. Ran and looked, more water on the floor....lots of it. I grabbed more towels and cleaned it up. As I checked back in there in a little while, it was still dry up around the tub and toilet, but it smelled really awful. I looked down the little hall, leading to the bedroom. There was a pond of poopy water coming up from under the water heater, where they cleverly hid the only drain in the house(read inaccessible). When I stepped on the carpet from the bedroom side, it was squishy wet with poop water. I made some frantic calls. I knew I could not run any water in the house or it would come up out of that drain, bringing more of its kind with it.... and "I" had to poop, by now. After sweating bullets for awhile, I remembered the bedside commode, more fun to clean up later. The plumbers were coming, so I had to take a cane and go into the crunchy deep snow and poke the perimeter of the house, till I found the clean-out valve - make sure you REMEMBER exactly where that is, so you don't have to hunt for it. They cleaned out the main drain and water could be run, BUT still 2 bath tubs with poop in them, floor in bath poopy water, bedroom carpet poopy water... and what's this? There is water squirting out between the laminate in the dining room in front of the washer that's in a closet there! More frantic phone calls....



The water damage people came at 8:30 and worked till ...uh... some unGodly hour, like midnight. My entire house is now impassible. The wet laminate in front of the washer (also hall to kitchen) and into the dining room & TV room has been ripped out, leaving uneven flooring, as the rest of those 2 rooms still has the laminate. The poopy carpet has partially been cut out of the bedroom last night. They are coming back today, any minute now, to move furniture in the bedroom and see how much got under it, if it goes too far, I will not have enough leftover carpet to save it. They have a huge air cleaner and dehumidifier set up where the tv used to be. TV moved to block study door, so laminate under it could be ripped.


They will also need to rip some in the study that shares a wall with the washing machine closet wall, as it showed up wet last night, too, but we couldn't do more - and it wasn't poopy, so left it till today. Had to move everything off big shelf in there and take to living room - destroying that room. Things have been moved around in the bedroom, and now more will be, and I'm not sure I can get Bob in there, I am in shock. They found evidence that the poopy water went under the wall into my walk in closet, I finally began to cry. More moving and cutting of carpet. There is not a room in this house that is not stacked up with moved things and impassable.


Send prayers and rubber gloves immediately. Man down.... or woman, I'm no longer sure which one I am.....or if I'm even human.... There are something like 12 air movers in here, sounds like we are under a plane that is running. I found they had one strategically placed to pull air directly over the litter pan and under the wall. I gave them all kinds of plastic to set anything on that had been on poopy carpet, but they moved boxes and sat the poopy ones on top of other boxes. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can't even leave here and go to a hotel, as I have 3 pets, unvaccinated pets. They said they'd be back Monday or Tuesday to remove the air blowers and dehumidifyers, so we are living like this with no reprieve until when? I don't know how they will fix anything, as it would require more moving furniture to get to the floor and carpet area to replace it, and the house is totally chucked full of things already moved now, leaving me walking sideways no matter where I'm going. I can't see how this will ever end well.


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Oh Sandy - what a mess. I can not imagine. Start and look for some "home maids", a company that can send in people to help you once the equipment is out and the drains are running clear.


Best you can do is find a spot for Bob to rest and watch TV and clear a path to the bedroom. Do get on the phone with the kids - they can help out. In the meantime, you know you and Bob are in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know, when you have time. Debbie

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Sandy :


OMG I am so sorry for this mess. you will be in my thoughts & prayers. hope & pray you get help from your friends & family in this cleaning project.



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make sure you call your home owners insurance --- asap .... and sort about the "mess" arghhhhhh...... hop a flight outta there come visit me ..lol nancyl

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Oh Sandy, it is dreadful when the drains block up, so sorry this is happening to you. Ray and I had flood damage from an in-wall water heater at one house and a burst overhead water heater in another. In both cases the housing people fixed the house we had to pay for our clothes etc that were damaged. In this house I have house and contents insurance.


I hope you get some help with the clean-up. Kids, friends, neighbours, call in all those favors. You deserve a quiet spell after this, time to unwind and find your peaceful centre. Keep going for as long as you can, make it fun if you can, maybe a camping theme?

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Yep, time to call in the troops. I am truly sorry for what you are going through. It sounds just awful. I'm not sure if this is even feasible, but could you rent a storage unit for a while and get help to move some of the stuff there until this mess gets cleaned up? Just one possible idea that may or may not work for you. Keeping you in my prayers. You are right--gloves are the order of the day! ~~Donna

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Sandy, so sorry all this has happened. It is enough to take care of Bob without all the mess you have now. I hope you get the help you need. I will pray that you do.



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No TV - unplugged in the corner. Industrial sized dehumidifier and air movers and air cleaner taking it's place. No troops, no friends, no family - no matter, there is nothing for them to do. This is the way it is and it won't get better till this is all over. Oh my bathroom is pretty well blocked off by all the equipment criss crossing the space that is using up the plugs, and the idiots even put the tube for the dehumidifier to empty, wrapped around the faucets and draining in the sink, which I put in the tub - come on people, the tub is LOWER and will drain better! So the only real bathroom is across the house and down the hall.

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Sandy, I had a similar problem but not to the extent of yours. Water was not coming out of faucets in master bathroom, and then I noticed a stream of water flowing beneath the bottom drawer to the floor. I turned off the valves and called for help. Larry's daughter is a manager of an apartment complex and sent over her maintenance man. It turned out a coupling broke off the end of some tubing. Now he has to find the part and come back to fix it. Water was in all the drawers so I cleaned out and threw out. At least I got things dry and cleaned again and re-organized.


This sent me over the edge as I thought for sure we were going to have to do without water all day, or have my vanity torn out for repairs.


Hope your situation is improving and you are getting things fixed.



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If you were looking for a little excitement, I'm sure this was not what you had in mind. I hope your clean up and getting back to normal is well under way.

We had our septic system go and back up catastrophically so I feel for you nightmare. We ended up having to put in a whole new system, tis time with an alarm to sound before it backs up into the house. About 3 weeks ago the alarm went off in the middle of the night. With flashbacks the whole family bolted out of bd and ran to the main drain to see if we were already starting to drown in gray water. Luckily the alarm worked and we were good, so with the agreement that no one would flush or shower tilwe had it pumped, we called the septic company in the morning. It turned out to be the water from the leach field kept running back down into the tank causing the pump to burn out. We ended up needing a new pump because without it working, it would have ended up backing up into the house. So much for a newly engineered leach field for a gazillion dollars ~ that's next that needs to be looked in to and maybe ripped up again.

Home sewage is fun, isn't it?


Hope you're fairing well/




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Sandy, you and Ray are in my prayers. I would have started crying a long time then you did. Stay strong my dear, gloves are on the way LOL



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