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It's Not Paranoia if it's True!



The laminate flooring that was continuous thru 2 rooms (dining & TV) is torn out thru the middle of both rooms. The carpet in the bedroom and my walk in closet is partially cut out (what had sewage in it). The pad is torn out, just a little, in the study, which I had hoped to get replaced and put that room back together. I discovered that the hot water to my bathroom sink was about to blow that pipe, so now that is shut off... I have not replaced the cabinet drawers with my stuff in it, because I don't have it fixed yet... and must decide if I'll replace the faucetts too, kinda old. Can't get out to the hardware store... too much snow, too exhausted. My brain is stymied. I just can't move forward at this point in fixing our home. I can't have workers with ice and snow coming thru all my rooms, I don't want it. There is so much to fix, I feel like I've been sucker punched. It is made much worse by how I got all the main rooms looking sooooo good for son's Christmas visit, and then began to work on cleaning out my walk in closet and getting it all accessible (had been too stacked up to get into. Cleared away moving boxes that had blocked the from of the dresser and put Bob's socks and t-shirts in it, no more living off sliding piles.... and now, back to boxes and bags and sliding piles and inexcessible drawers and wardrobe. There was $5000 damage done to just our house (5 rooms) not including price for flooring and carpet. Don't have that figure yet.


I was thinking there is just a little damage in the study, once the pad is replaced in that small spot, I can move back the bookcase and then take the books back in there and then the study and LV RM would be clear. But, last night when I was going over the wiring to figure out why we couldn't get any satellites on dish (means your wiring is probably loose) I discovered the study wall is all weird and feels strange. It is invisible when you are standing looking right at it, but when on the floor, eyeball level to it:








This new find, feels like a sucker punch...another one, I mean. I had just gotten brave facing all the other damage. This means more tear out, more furniture to be moved, more. We just went to bed after I found this, couldn't face more. Bob said he felt like crying. I can't even cry. Just sit around with my eyes bulging out.


I have this paranoia thing going right now. First, I sweat bullets everytime I flush the toilet or do the wash. Then there's the other thing.... it seems like everytime I succeed in overcoming whatever stress is trying to break me, and I think, "ok, so this has happened, but we are still alive and we can deal with it" - then it's like fate says, "oh yea, well take this and see how you like it!" I'm getting afraid to have my normal pollyanna personality, because I'm afraid fate will hit me again. If fate had hands, it'd probably be ducking and flushing my head in the toilet, while kicking my butt!


So many times in my life when bad things happened, or losses, or health problems hit, I would say, "well maybe I can't do that, but I can still do this!" Just to have that slapped away from me next. I even remember when we first moved here and there were a lot of problems and I was talking to a friend on the phone - 'ok, no hot water, no dishwasher running, air conditioner flooded the ceiling, facia, sopphits, gutters need replaced, BUT, I still have a food disposal and I never had one before!'.... and as I said that, the disposal quit working!


You know what they say.... it's not paranoia, if it's true....


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ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--- first --------------- I am so sorry you are dealing with all this - all at once------second------------------I admire your strength, you have done a lot in very little time ------third--------------Hand on, it will get better.............. Nancyl

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Sandy: one issue at a time. I can't imagine what you are going through. I guess just talk with your contractor and work one issue at a time. Honey, you are already in a mess. A bit of ice or snow is not going to make a difference. Get it started. Just maybe you will see after the first week, progress and some light at the end of that tunnel.


Thank you for updating. All of us have been waiting to hear. I know you are over-whelmed, but we are all praying for you and Bob. Debbie

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Hi Sandy, I got to go with Debbie, take it one thing at a time. As one thing gets fixed, that will make you feel better and help you move on. I think you are a wonderful, lady, who always looks for the "half empty glass", please don't lose that attuide. God never gives us more then we can bear and he always makes a way for us to espace.


Love to you and Bob



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From another Pollyanna ~ My outlook was always barring your health anything that happens is only a period of time from looking back on and thinking what a pain it was to go through so nothing was really a big deal. That mindset literally cost me an arm and a leg to prove how true it was.

I don't think I tempted fate and had a stroke by thinking that way. Stuff just happens. Even my stroke and how debilitating it initially was is more of a distant memory and less of a big deal than when it first happened, so even that got better.

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel even for us Pollys because when you're in the muck it looks like an oncoming train.

A year from now you'll be all cleaned up, put back together, and may be even thining it turned out pretty cool that you got some new stuff out of it.


Hang in, it's not a train.




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