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Not pleased



I consider myself a polite, concientious person. I am pushing a 200lb man in a WC, so I am always aware of what is around us. In the grocery store, Bruce is also pushing the cart, so we are quite an obstacle.


It took us 2 1/2 hours to prepare the shopping list for today. The local Food Bank needs donations. In the past we could send a check, but that is not always possible now. With the couponing however, we can usually get together a nice donation from our pantry. So with that in mind, we were getting more than usual, ganging up bargains (buy 4 cereals and get free milk) - and those partnerships often have items in way different parts of the store, so this type of shop is always a challenge and requires a detailed list. To make it easier to read and to stand up in the basket, I did it on heavy construction paper - about 8 x 10 so Bruce could read it from the WC as well.


Campbell's had a great deal - buy 12 soups (Tomato or Chicken Noodle) and the price was 49 cents each. In addition, Bruce had four coupons buy 2 get $1.00 off, so a real bargain. We parked off to the side. There was an older woman; well dressed, hair done, looking over the soups. The Noodle was off to her right, so I got those 6. She was standing directly in front of the Tomato. So while we were waiting, I reviewed the next aisle with Bruce and what we had to get. I did say we had to get the Tomato Soup. The lady moved off to her right - I got three cans, turned to get the other three and she was right back in front of them. So we waited again. I am sure neither Bruce or I said anything rude. Finally I said "excuse me", got a look but she moved and I got the other three cans. I turned Bruce around and took him out of that aisle and then went back for the cart. We got to the next aisle and the list is gone! We did all the usual - I back tracked several times, checking out shelves. This was not something that could be missed or slide under a display.I checked Customer Service in both places. Took everything out of the cart several times, etc.


Now I have to function. Bruce went off to the magazines, as he always does. But I know he was a bit disappointed because several of the items on the list he was to pick out. But at that point, I had to concentrate. What was missed, there was nothing I could do. I did have my store circular that I made the list from and of course, the coupons, all that helped. But it was a lot of back tracking. A 1 1/2 hour shop turned into 2 1/2 hours.


On the way to the car, we found the list crumpled up on the sidewalk.


One can speculate all day long. Obviously the list was found, why wasn't it turned into Customer Service? And shame on you if you did it deliberately.


We were able to get together a nice package for the Food Bank. I let Bruce pick and pack that. They will pick it up tomorrow. And we were able to get some treats for Mary Beth that we had planned for and cut coupons for. When life gives you lemons - LOL. Debbie


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Debbie, please that you were able to finish your shopping and what a wonderful to do. I think Miss lady had something to do with the list on the sidewalk. just because her clothes and hair looked nice, you can dress up a pig, but it still is a pig. LOL



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HMMMM - your story a familiar recent "ring" ---- it is all on them --- and i wouldnt want that Karma for ANYTHING....... Yvonne - your dressing of the pig is similar to throwing your pearls to the pigs ( a parable ) in the bible ----- you can share good intention , advice, words of wisdom - but they are wasted on the pigs ( who cant appreciate them) obviously the pig who got the " list" didnt even realize they had a "map" --- jerks , we got them everywhere.. apparently.... nancyl

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I just love :"you can dress up a pig but it is still a pig". I can't say I would put the blame anywhere, you don't know what happened really. It was a disappointment for you and Bruce for sure, but as usual you overcame that. Good, generous people, both of you.

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I can just imagine how incredibly frustrated you felt at that moment when your list went missing. My list tend to be short and I still freak out when it goes missing. Then to find it outside was like a punch in the stomach. We put so much effort into everything and then someone has to make it even harder. I'm sorry you had to be put to the test like that - we have enough testing of our skills! Makes one think about having an extra copy, just incase some crazy person steals your list!

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Debbie, I must say my wife does ALL the shopping on Saturdays since the bank closes at 12 noon! I don't think I got the time on my scooter and her with a cart.

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If I took Larry (which I don't) I would be totally distracted. Larry does not like to shop and I know Bruce does. When I take Larry, all I can do is to keep him from banging into someone or some thing. lol I know you had a big list, but I hold onto my list otherwise I can never find it in my purse. There are rude people everywhere. We are more considerate of others as we have learned this even more so after becoming caregivers.



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