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Cause Of My Condition



Well, to all of you caring members, friends, fellow survivors, and the care givers of Stroke Net!


The doctors have discovered what caused my condition to go downhill. After days of testing and examinations of my whole body it was found my digestive system is contaminated with major bad bacteria. My colonospy was great and all went well as I was very near asleep and out of it. My wife witness the whole operation and saw the areas of my colon, stomach, liver and areas where cancer starts plus all the ulsers, peptic and others!


The doctors initially looked for the area where


Needless to say my entry id not print out the way I wrote it as my computer is still not working right


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oh fred I am so sorry to hear that I will be praying for you in hopes that the doctor can help you please keep us informed of your progress and nevergive up my friend

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Fred: thank you so much for checking in with us. Been thinking about you. You take care. This is just another blip and my money is on you and your family! Prayers always, honey.

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Fred :


thanks for updating, hopefully now with cause known doctors can treat you with right medicines & you will be back in action soon. you are in my thoughts & prayers.



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wow---------- Jesse --- we had a inmate ( fred you know i am not comparing you in a bad way LOL) ---- Jesse - he had something happen with his intestines as well, in terms of bacteria and i learned a lot about that.. enough that i remember his name.... Glad you are on the mend !! you are a tough old rooster ... LOL..

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Glad they found the problem now you can be on your way to getting better! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and prayers coming your way Fred!!!! Feel better soon!

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Thanks to all and each of you. I will try to get this computer repaired or buy again. I wanted to think it was just this site, the only place it happens, and not to anyone else so maybe it is this computer which I will get it serviced today. I will keep you all informed!

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Fred, glad to hear from you. So at last they have found what is wrong. So please about that , I know you was worry and righly so. It plays on your mind when you don't know what is going on, but you know when your body is not right.


Feel good my friend, as you see I also need a comptuer LOL

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