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Something Is Happening To My Recovery Process



I am seeing 2 doctors, taking several meds, had my colonoscopy, but now I'm told I got serious medical issues they telling my wife. I have trouble walking now. I am one day away from the day of the stroke I survived 10 years ago!


I am close to my cellphone and my wife calls me every two hours as I'm a little afraid to be home alone and got one apt at 130pm two hours from now!


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oh fred I am so sorry to hear that you are having medical issues to deal with you now I will hope and pray for you fred that all will get better for you please keep us pposted on your progress and I know that you are a very big sport fan so you can always think to go boston and I will be thinking go fred and hopefully boston and you fred will both be winners all the best to you fred and go fred

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Fred, you are in my thoughs and prayers. Hop that the doctors app goes well and he is able to tell you something.


God bless Fred, keep us in the loop



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Saying a prayer to the angels up above for you, Fred. Hopefully just a minor setback and when the spring comes you will bounce back.

Not too long now!

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Fred, praying that your troubles are minor. It is good your wife calls and takes such good care of you. Please keep us posted on your appointment.



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I know where you are coming from. the same thing happened to me in the last couple of months and the Doctors say I didn't have a new stroke. So, what is it then? I'm at a loss and have been seriously bummed oiut. But I move along, strong in my faith and in my family. God bless.

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