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My Wife Is Down With The Flu We Think??



Here in Texas the Flu is hitting us pretty hard all over the state now. My wife is in bed since coming home on Friday evening from work. There has been several deaths too so she has my undivided attention, all the meds available, and she and I got our flu shots early on when they first became available.


So if she is able tomorrow morning she will try to go in for a little while if she get a little bit better tonight. A box of tissue don't last her very long. I will fix her a hot medical drink later to try and reduce the effects the flu has on her at the moment!


I may not get much rest but glad I'm not sick or working where I can take care of her like she has me over the last ten years of my stroke! I think things are OK but hasn't seen a doctor yet nor been on sick call! I drove by the ER close to us and it was packed with adults and kids to!


A couple more days we should know something!!!!


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oh no, that's awful that she is so sick after getting the flu shot... I wonder... does this mean the flu shots were the wrong ones for what's out there?

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Guest lwisman



Hope your wife feels better soon. Be careful to wash your hands a lot so you do not come down with it next!

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Fred: you are doing exactly what you should. Stay away from the crowded ERs or Doctor offices. She has something - you already know that. If she needs Tamiflu or the like - give it the weekend - that can be done over the telephone.


Push fluids honey, best you can. Water if nothing else. Lots and lots of rest and sleep. Your teas are perfect. Soups if she can tolerate. Tylenol if there is fever. But best to stay put, keep her warm and let her rest.


Bless her that she has you. Common sense and you have plenty of that. For you, rest, hydrate and nutrition: eggs and piece of toast is fine. Easy stuff and I bet Mrs. has some stashed in the freezer. Hunker down, no outings.


Fred: you need to be very careful for you because you are all she has and all she has worked for. Message me if you need to. Debbie

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I was so sick exactly this same week last year with the flu, 104 fever and the whole bit; my husband isn't able to really help me but he was so good. All I could do was sleep and he was so quiet and didn't bother me once. I managed to drag myself up every few hours to get him to the bathroom or to bed, but it was such torture.


We were lucky that we had an aide at that time for a few hours a week, but she came by on her own time and brought Chinese food, and drove me to doctor in the beginning...just a few things really but I don't know how I would have gotten by without her. Thinking back, that was REALLY scary, I sure hope I don't get anything again this year. I got another milder flu a few months later, closer to the spring, but miraculously Ray didn't catch either one. I can't even imagine if both of us were sick.


Keep up the good work Fred, it's payback time ;-)

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Fred :


hope your wife feels better soon & you both are fortunate to have each other. take good care of her while making sure to wash your hands often so you don't catch it.



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Fred, hope your wife is feeling better. Thank goodness you have each other. Good tips, from above. You are both in my prayers.



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So sorry to hear that your wife is so ill. I wish you both the best. Sadly, the flu shot is not a guarantee that you won't get the flu :( I understand that the flu shot is to protect against specific strains, perhaps, as Sandy mentioned, the strain attacking TX may be a different one from that which you were immunized. I always complain about the cold of winter in my area of the USA but I think the freezing cold helps to tamper the germs of flu somewhat so we don't tend to get the epidemic levels that you're now seeing in your area. Truly, Fred, my best widhes for a speedy recovery for your wife and hoping that you don't get it!

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Thanks to each of you

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Fred: thank you so much for checking in. Getting worried. Good news. Rest, meds, a bit of fresh air and just don't push it! Thank you again, Debbie

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