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A New Year Marking Ten Years Of Recovery!



Thank you, thank you, thank you my God for Ten years of recovery from a devastating Brain Bleed stroke! Than you Father for my wife remaining by my side in this reunion of 15 years of matrimony! I thank you for it just not being my time to have a home going to meet you face to face! I know this way we shall travel one day when you call our name!


We have so much in our lives to be thankful for in just being a stroke survivor trying to do all we can to maintain this life we were given to live! Therefore I'm very thankful to see the New Year arrive when we know of the many who didn't get to see the new year arrive. God bless our troops serving in Foreign Lands away from their families and others in Harms Way!


Lord I pray for more recovery for other stroke survivors and families dealing with recovery everywhere! No one knows what tomorrow will bring only you know what we shall face tomorrow as we pray for peace among Brotheren! We now know strokes come to people daily as we continue to pray for survivals.


Lord I have so much to be thankful for by your grace and mercy in my life! Bless this stroke support community provided by our CEO Steve Mallory in his vision from you to support the people world wide!.


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amen fred you go fred you are doing great fred my man all the best to you fred and all the best to you steve the man with the vision

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Guest hostwill



Dec 31st, was my 17th year since my stroke. Continue your recovery and God's speed.



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