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looking back



we will celebrating my 10th stroke anniversary & valentine day on Feb 8th. It has been long road, but I so want to tell that distraught Asha at the beginning of my post stroke journey that please don't be so hard on yourself things will get better. I am so thankful for having amazing hubby & young son & my whole family who rallied around me & helped me pick up pieces of my life. I am so thankful for my own impatient nature which helped me fuel do more things for myself & our family. & best of all amazing caregiver who was infinitely patient with me who allowed me to get frustrated & do things my way single handedly & will only help if I ask him for help. I know sometimes it is so easy to do things yourself than have patience to let one handed person stumble & take twice as much time & do the job. & ofcourse more I do things around house faster I get. Usually I have zero patience with hubby when he is trying to help me & do things in kitchen which takes him longest time lol.


Even though right now I am also dealing with foot & toe problems right now which is causing leg too sensitive to walk on So today not feeling very upbeat about my post stroke journey, but at-least what I have learnt in these years that tomorrow is another day & I will find a way & this shall pass too. So life goes on. I still can't believe kido is already junior & in a year will be flying away from nest. I am so thankful that my illness didn't become obstacle in his life path, actually it has made him compassionate & caring teenager on most of the days, ofcourse some days he does get horns on his head & I sit back & think man this day will pass too & soon he will be gone & I will miss these days too lol. anyway I just feel so grateful to have this site & dear friends I made on this site who never made me feel alone & friendless on my journey. I so want all newbies who are just starting on this journey to know life will be great once again it will be different but good nonetheless


This year for our stroke anniversary I have asked hubby to plan it. So I am sure we both are going to have fun together.





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Guest lwisman


Congrats on your Tenth anniversary Asha! What a journey! May you have many more years. Enjoy your family!!



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Congrats on your 10 years of amazing survival & learning! A long with learning to be compassionate & caring, I'm sure your son has also learned from watching you, about never giving up and pushing to be all you can be, no matter the obstacles :)

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Asha, you always make me smile! Today is Superbowl Sunday, the "holiday" on which Ray had his stroke three years ago. It all seems to be working out I guess. We'll see where we are in the next year or two, but it's definitely been an interesting journey so far. I am grateful we have had this extra time together.

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Congratulations Asha. You are doing so well and have a great attitude.


Larry's 4th is Thursday. I cannot believe that many years have gone by. When I look at all we have been through, all I can say is it must have made us stronger.



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Congrats Asha, love your blog. You are so right junior will soon fly away, and you will be a "empty nest " which took me a while to get use to, now we both enjoy the peace and quiet. Now my husband daughter is staying with her son . It is fine, but he gets together with my grandkids, it is a mess, but a good mess! LOL


Have fun on your day



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Happy for you Asha. As tough as it has been for you...you've had it easy with a caring family around you and sticking by you. Have a good celebration. :)

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Congratulations Asha. Hope you had a great day. I miss our yahoo conversations. I am locked out as I forgot my password and they dont retrieve passwords. Opening a new account did not work as I have to use the same e-mail address. Hope we can chat soon.



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