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my update



recently I talked with friend of mine we used to always see each other at our kids recreational basketball games. Now as kids have all grown up & teenagers. I see all of us parents are suddenly getting wisdom to back off & let kids make their own mistakes & learn from it. Before I used to feel oh I m so hands off parent compared to some others parents & I used to equate myself as not as good parent as they were. I guess my son started rebelling before theirs did lol. But I do see he is learning from his own mistakes. luckily so far his mistakes are not catastrophic, its more like missing deadline to some fun events lol. So this year he has been correcting it himself lol. So I guess finally we all parents learn to let go & realize we don't have control on everything, & allow them to fly on their own instead of trying to be helicopter parent lol. My hubby thinks I have tendency to worry & he is completely hands off. I feel that balances out since I make sure by worrying & nagging things get done & if it gets done I am happy & if he still misses it then we get hubby's positive outlook to get me out of angry mood, though atleast I don't suffer from guilt of not doing my duty. So I thank god we as parent unit are very strong




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that's is a brilliant way to see things. Despite our downfalls in life, we are always teachers first. If we can't do things for our kids, the fact we can instill the basic fundamentals of 'being human' to our children is the best gift and job well done!!

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I agree with Kelli, we teach our kids, supervise them for a while, and then let them make their own mistakes. It is not good to micromanage their every move, we all had to fall down in order to learn how to get back up and walk.


Good blog again Asha.

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Hi asha, My daughter is now 12, and when I first had my stroke she rebelled, but now loves the freedom and responsibility and is very mature for her age and has instilled in her an acceptance of peoples differences, disabilities, but still kicks off! now and then, as she still has moments when she misses her old mum she used to have.

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Asha, good blog. Yes my dear you have to let him go. You bring then up the right way, and they have to make mistakes, that how they learn. My husband have two daughters and I have one, together we have our son. The girls left school haded kids, our Son wanted to always go too college. He did, and it was hard, he made some bad decisons like driving with no seat belt, going throught the toll not paying.I would scream at my husband "When will he grown up"? guess what he has! It taken a long time, but i see in front of me, a tall, well spoken young man, who has goals, not always partying, like he used to. I tell my husband we have done a good job! LOL.



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