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is it Godwinks or plain coincidence in our life's Journey



hubby & I were just talking about how we both ended up together. There were lot of forks in our life's journey, had we took different road we would have been never ended together, and have our amazing son & this life together. So I was telling him you get this idea or inspiration in your head & you actively work on it which leads to that particular road when you are at crossroad. lot of time we were not even aware at that crossroad but think that''s what you want from your life. So I was wondering is that God guiding us or is it plain coincidence. what do you guys think when you look back in your life's journey. for example after I finished my high school education & I had option of getting into medical field or engineering field. first time in my young teenager life I refused to listen to my mom & chose engineering field against her wishes. luckily I got support of my siblings who sided with me & were able to make mom see why it was right thing to do for me. & that's what attracted hubby in choosing me when we first time met since he knew with my engineering background I can go to graduate school here & not waste my education. There are so many incidents in both of our life where we could have gone on other road & would not have ended up together. It feels like at every crossroad in our lifes journey we got Godwink to select some specific path. I see that phenomenon somehow I end up doing right research or thing for our son at the right time reinforcing again I am meant to be where I am today.




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In my case alone we both think it was guidance from God to get her from New Orleans, LA to Killeen Texas and a job at the bank. Again God guided me to that bank for a transaction by another teller. She was standing by as a teller's supervisor and overheard our conversation and came over to assist the teller with my transaction.


I was in the hunt for a lady friend so long story short, we got married and that was 16 years ago. The best move I ever made in my whole life, it had to be God in the plan!!!!


10 years ago I had a stroke she quit the bank to care for me and a year later I got better she started at another bank and is still there about to make branch manager from supervisor being there 9 years!!

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Asha, for me it was all God. I came to America for a "new start", my daughter father was a piece of work, so I came for a new start. Then i got a job at a community center working with kids. A supervisor said she wanted me to meet her brother, when I did I said to myself, he is good looking, but no money. Now there was another young man after me, he was a policeman, and flashing money around. One night Iam praying and a voice said to me loud and clear " he is the one for you, look at his heart. I listen, and his heart is wonderful, and we are 21years strong and have a great son! Money is not everything, been happy is. Thank you Lord!



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Both - for certain god is in our lives guiding us , but many things are still our own free will - however the more we love god and follow his teachings then we are doing as god would like... just like we do for our children i think he does for us.... we guide ( tell ) our children with the really big things in life - (shout warnings) ---- but our ultimate goal for them is to do right on their own, make good decisions .. just as god wants that for us... i don't think that was "exactly" what you where pondering , but i guess i was compelled to write it ? And i certainly do agree in divine intervention and know there is bigger better things awaiting us...

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