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need to find something I am passionate about soon



I don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I have never made any future plans for my life. always have done at the time. you can say I have always flown with flow without doing big planning. I don't even know what I am passionate about. when I was student I was busy in studies, when working was busy in work now I am mom & wife so busy in my mom & wife duties. Some days are better in fulfillment department when he is not fighting with me & doing right things, some days are frustrating but the day he behaves as model child I forget those frustration. in a year he will fly away from nest & I am wondering what will I do to keep myself happy & busy. I don't know what I want to do when I grow up lol. life has its own ups and down. some days has its inconveniences but I feel fortunate got hubby to get us out of muck. like recently our toilet flooded which causes leakage in our laundry room. Though in time of crisis kido was by my side in clean up department. Since it is not easy doing clean up job with just one hand :) so he was my helper. hubby is taking care of getting damage fixed so I feel greatly blessed and supported in those moments. Now we have started visiting colleges for our son so I feel I better start finding something meaningful for my life again. Though at this time being stay at home mom has its benefits since I am busy taking care of house duties & taking care of our son. I feel having parent home when they are teenager is much more important than when they were young. but once they flow out of nest it will be their choices & consequences.




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Asha, you will find something to do when the time comes. You are always telling me to go with the flow and now I am reminding you that is what you need to do. If there are changes ahead that is a bit frightening but your faith will allow you to make the changes you need when the time is right.

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asha when the time comes it will happen for sure you have always been very kind and verysupportive to other members so now it is time to just go with the flow and don"t be to hard on yourself asha I know that you are working very hard on your recovery I am sure that as a mother you have given your son a very good guidelines on how best to do well and I am sure that kiddo will be just fine asha just take time for yourself I will pray for you asha to hope that you will find something that you are passionate about have you ever considered being a motivate speaker on stroke and surviver ?what ever you choose I am sur that you will be just greati know that I would listen to you just believe in yourself asha you have a lot to be grateful for asha

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Hi Asha, it will come my dear. After mr. Stroke has taken our ability to work, we get into a routine of been in the home and doing what we can, when here comes a nothing change, our young ones leave home! Asha it is tough, when mine left three years ago (it goes so fast), I was what are me and my husband going to do now we have to talk to one another LOL. We are doing good, enjoying ourself, going on road trips, movies, or just talking into the night! While my junior is now growning into a man! I love it, he is showning the values, respect, that we taught him. He told me the other day that he wants to travel, go I told him, there is a whole world out there go seek it!


Asha, you and hubby done a good job, let him fly away. I am thinking about what I want to do, something with the homelness. Don't know what, but it come to me.



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