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it takes courage to believe best is yet to come



today heard this title line. Ït takes courage to believe best is yet to come"". Specially believing this when you are going through tough time. but looking back in my life I have become believer in that line. I wasted countless months and hours crying about how my stroke ruined my life & I have nothing to live for. had it not been my hubby's strength & our son I would have given up long time back. I am so thankful for them both.I didn't have any courage to believe something good will come out of this shitty event, and thankfully today I can look back & realize depth & truth in that statement. hope you find value in that statement too. once you have that courage journey becomes very easy. So I feel believing in that line gives you strength to get through your tough day today.




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I have some trouble sometimes visualising a brighter future but yes, you are right and I need to know that each bad day has a better day ahead of it Asha.

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You got that right...It takes plenty courage daily!! The best is coming just slowly in my opinion! For me ten years but I'm glad of what I can do because it could have been lots worse and I know it!! I'm a strong Survivor now!!

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You know Asha after I had my stroke, I focus on what I lost and could not see the trees through the forest. Then a friend told me to focus on God not on the problems, because it was just making me more depressed. Once I saw that been more postive, it gave me strenght, and taking it slow and steady, a change was comming. Now four years along, Iam blessed! Yes Fred I am a strong Survivor! I am a Gladiator!



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Yvonne & Fred :


yes you both are. I still think those earlier days when looking back to my past was making me depressed for what I lost & looking forward in future was causing anxiety thinking how my life will turn out with this disability. When I was able to stay in present and take one day at a time life became easier. Now I feel like I belong to your gladiator club too



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I understand what you and the others are saying. for me the now is most important, and being 71 what is to come is not particularly pleasant to think of and so I don't.

what seems to help me is to realize that it could be so much worse. I can breathe without difficulty and have essentially no pain. this causes me to think that I am very lucky.


best wishes to all us gladiators!



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Yep my sentiments exactly. I also believe in troubles may come in the night but joy comes in the morning and you get that joy from believing it will come.

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